Very Easy Knitting Pattern For Chunky Scarf

The last few weeks have been very busy, with scarcely a minute to myself. I have travelled many miles, packed and unpacked many boxes and ended up exhausted – both mentally and physically. I arrived home at around 11.00pm yesterday and have done very little since then. Peter is usually pretty much incommunicado on Sundays so I knew there would be no complaints from him if I simply collapsed in a heap.

I have spent today doing very little apart from dozing, watching television and knitting. 

Easy knitting to nudge my ‘mojo’

I chose to knit as it is easy to do without having to think. As is usual at the moment, I was knitting for Syria. I had started another scarf before the mayhem began so I decided today to complete it. I cannot remember how I came about the lilac yarn that I was using – someone gave it to me, but I cannot remember who that was – but when I had offered it to others who were knitting for Syria, they didn’t want to use it. It is a fairly thick yarn, like a chunky, with an open twist to it.

Lilac open-twist chunky yarn

Although it looks as though it would be awkward to knit, in fact it is easy to work with. I have been using 6.5 mm (UK size 3, US size 10 1/2) needles and have been deliberately knitting loosely.

Easy pattern for a scarf

I have not used a printed pattern. This is how I make my easy chunky scarf:

Cast on some 20 stitches for an adult size or 14 for a child’s size.
Work four rows of garter stitch.
Next row: * In every stitch, wind the yarn round the needles once whilst making the knit stitch. Repeat to the end of the row.**
Next and every following row:  Repeat from * to ** until the scarf is the required length.
Work four rows in garter stitch. 
Cast off loosely. 
Weave in the ends.


2 thoughts on “Very Easy Knitting Pattern For Chunky Scarf

  1. This kind of knitting is really good when you are too tired, row after row without counting and pattern checking. Hope you got a good rest on Sunday, Dina.


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