Summer Journal – Prompt 7

A British egg with a lion stamped on it

Day 7 of the Summer Journal project organised by Myfanwy Hart and today’s prompt asked what we can do with an egg.

Collage of photos of eggs

The first thing I did was create a collage of photographs of eggs that I found on Google, using the Picsart app on my iPad. I’m not particularly accomplished on Picsart and haven’t yet figured out how to change the size of the photos within a collage.

Manipulated image of a broken egg
Using the Picsart app

I then played around with Picsart to manipulate the image of the broken egg shown in the centre of my collage. I had stretched the image and was going to try changing the colours of each element but could not find how to come out of one feature of the app. Consequently, I lost all the work I had done on the image and did not know if it was possible to retrieve it so decided to manipulate the image in another way. The blue and pink picture above is the result.

Important scientific details about an egg

Then I thought I would do something serious and scientific to do with eggs, having found this diagram when I was trawling through the Google images. However, I decided that the image said more about eggs than I know so I should simply show it.

Journal page with sayings which
include eggs in them

I carried on doing eggy things, this time writing sayings on a page in my journal which included ‘egg’ or ‘eggs’ in them. Looks rather boring, doesn’t it?

Things you can do with an egg

Finally, I went to my craft room and found my watercolour pencils. I planned to draw/paint a fried egg on the journal page opposite the sayings I had written earlier. However, the white watercolour crayon I used did not show up on the off-white page. I was working in artificial light as there was a lot of grey cloud around, so it was difficult to see exactly what results I was getting – I don’t have a daylight lamp in my craft room – so it has ended up with egg yolk, but precious little egg white! The picture of the egg is very basic as that is the level of my drawing and painting skills. Oh well, at least I tried!

I signed up to the Summer Journal project because I wanted to push myself to come up with ideas and to try different ways of presenting things on paper. My work is not looking terribly creative or interesting, at the moment, but I hope that will change and improve.

If you feel like having a go at a journal, have a look here.


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