Someone Wrote This For Me!

I spend more time than I should on Facebook. Originally I joined so that I could keep in easy contact with my sons but things have moved on…

I now belong to several groups on Facebook, each of which produces many new notifications every day, so I end up logging in several times a day, for longer and longer periods.

Last night, as I was checking my newsfeed, I saw a post by my elder son, who said he had written limericks for several people the previous night, which they would find in their Inbox. Oh! There wasn’t one in mine! 

He had also said if anyone else wanted a limerick they should leave a comment for him. So I left a very discreet (!?! I don’t think so!) comment for him. Here’s what he sent me:

There once was a seamstress named Dina, 
Who made things for people from Syria, 
Blankets and clothes, 
They were thankful for those,
And would say that if they ever seen her.

Hand in Hand for Syria


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