Blankets, Crochet, Sewing, Blankets

Blanket in progress

Having to deal with my mother’s home move completely screwed up my crafting plans for the summer. There are several projects that I had in the pipeline and, in my head, I had arranged a loose schedule for getting on with them. Oh well, the best laid plans of mice and men etc.

Some time ago I blogged about the Monday morning knitting group making blankets to be donated to Siblings Together along with some quilts that I was making. I have been putting the squares for the blankets together, usually in between doing other projects so as not to become too bored. Although I usually take something crafty to do when I visit my mother, it simply wasn’t practical to take a pile of squares to stitch together. Consequently there was a hiatus in the sewing up process.

The first blanket stitched together

I had finished sewing the first blanket, in this photo, several weeks ago and was part of the way through the second before going to Kent. So, when I arrived home after all the travelling to and from Kent there was still quite a large pile of squares to be stitched onto the second blanket (shown in the top picture)! Time is marching on and the blankets need to be completed so that they are ready for the summer camps.

Details of Siblings Together
Summer Camps

Unfortunately the blankets will not be ready for the July camp, but I am beavering away like mad to try and get them finished in time for the camp in August. Elizabeth has very kindly agreed to crochet a border onto the first blanket so I shall deliver it to her shortly. I hope to have time to crochet the border on the second and third blankets. At least I have a layout for the squares in the third blanket so all I need to do is stitch then together!

 Layout for the third Siblings
Together blanket

With so much work still to be done on the blankets, almost everything else is taking a back seat at the moment! 


6 thoughts on “Blankets, Crochet, Sewing, Blankets

  1. Great work, Dina! That's a lot of squares. I love the first blanket! So many different colours, patterns, designs that look fantastic together. What a happy looking blanket! Keep up the wonderful work, Dina!


  2. Thanks, Larisa. I am soooooo pleased that I have almost finished putting together number 2 – just the last bit of seam along three and a half squares. Yippee! And, my friend, Val, has very kindly offered to crochet the border onto number 2. Double Yippee!


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