Looking Like A Fool

A happy elephant

Today’s prompt for the Summer Journal project was to consider the most important skill we have learnt. In common with several other participants, I have found this a difficult prompt to do. I have been thinking about it, on and off, all day.

Blue Moon rose – beautiful

I didn’t want to cite something like reading or driving, I wanted something that was specifically about me – not unique, but something that I can identify or be identified with.  At long last, about an hour ago, it came to me! In fact it is something that may well be familiar to regular readers of this blog…

The most important, or maybe just one of the most important, skills I have learnt is not worrying about making a fool of myself.

My Beautiful Barney

I have made a fool of myself more times than I could possibly list here – and that’s only the ones I am aware of! There are bound to be many, many occasions when I didn’t realise what I had done. But it’s OK, I don’t mind. It doesn’t matter. If I don’t know something, I would rather ask a question to find out and learn, than pretend that I know and be caught  out in that deception. What a waste of time and effort that is! I have little or no respect for people who pretend to know about something of which they are ignorant. In my view, there can be a certain arrogance about taking that stance. I know it can also be the result of a lack of confidence and I think that very sad.

When I began this blog I decided to show some of my mistakes, as well as some of my achievements. I had read so many blog posts appearing to show the blogger being so 
skilled that everything turned out perfectly, that any confidence I may have had was draining away fast. This blog is about me and my crafting journey, and that journey includes lots of mistakes (or should that be ‘design features’?) so why not include them?

Cricket – yawn…

It’s not only in crafting that I can make myself look foolish – it happens with all sorts of things. For example, I was talking with one of the top bowlers in the England cricket team. He was talking about the jobs that various members of the Australian cricket team had (this was quite a few years ago!) and so I asked him what his job was. He said he was a cricketer. Oops! Cue Bossymamma looking foolish. It seemed perfectly reasonable to me to ask the question – if the Aussies had other jobs, then surely the England team also had?

I don’t deliberately set out to look foolish, but if it happens, so be it. I worry about too much, anyway, so I’m not going to add foolishness to the list. That would just be foolish.

Mount Everest – one of my favourite places

(If you’re wondering about what the pictures have to do with this post, the answer is ‘nothing’. I included them to make the post look more interesting and because they are some of my favourite things!)


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