Lovely Sewing Shopping!

Clitheroe, Lancashire

On Tuesday, Elizabeth and I had a day out – our first for a while because of other commitments. We began the day by visiting Minerva Crafts in Darwen. You may well have heard of Minerva Crafts as they are quite prominent on the net.

Sewing notions

Minerva’s physical shop was unlike what I was expecting. For a start, it was very tidy and organised. Having had a good look round their website a day or two earlier, I had envisaged a shop looking and feeling as though it was bursting at the seams. However, despite the wide selection of items for some crafts, there did not seem to be a huge range of crafts catered for, unlike online. The online shop offers clearance items and bargain packs but these were not in evidence when I was looking around. All in all, though, I would say it is worth visiting at least once.

My purchases (shown above) were all sewing notions: bodkins, crewel needles, leather thimble and, joy of joy, Truecut Grip Rings. I have been looking for the Truecut Grip Rings for the last year so that is a huge “thumbs up” for Minerva!

Upon leaving Minerva Crafts we decided to go to Clitheroe for a mooch around which began with a delicious lunch at The Emporium.

The Emporium

After lunch, with the heat building, we headed for the town centre. Our first port of call was Wool Craft in Moor Lane, a well-established yarn shop. We had a lovely chat with the lady behind the counter. I didn’t buy anything as I am on a strict no-buying yarn diet but I think Elizabeth did come away with a little something – or three! Some gorgeous shades of sock yarn had called out to her!

Continuing up the road we called in at Pendle Stitches where there was a Knit and Natter group meeting. The shop had an interesting selection of yarn ranges and we had an enjoyable nose around although neither of us succumbed to temptation. 

As our parking time was limited we restricted ourselves to the craft-related shops so headed back down the road to Patches and Buttons. It was lovely to walk into the shop as it was so full of character: baskets of fabric, jars of buttons – a colourful sewing selection.

My haul of goodies!

Oh, look! I lost the battle to keep my purse firmly closed! I saw this lovely fabric with cement mixers, tractors and other interesting vehicles and knew that it would be ideal for a little project for my grandsons, that I had been turning over in my mind. I added the other patterned fabric, the orange solid and some navy ric rac for that and decided to buy these bright red, tartan buttons which only cost 30p each – well, it would have been rude not to, wouldn’t it!

By now the temperature had risen even more so we decided to head back to Elizabeth’s home where a bagful of variegated blue brushed double knitting yarn fell out of Elizabeth’s hand into mine! (Its new home is in the boot of my car until I can find a tiny bit of space for it!)

Lovely parcel from Pocket & Pin

When I arrived home there was an interesting-looking pink bag awaiting me which the postman had delivered. Woohoo, I love receiving parcels! It contained these gorgeous goodies that I had bought from Pocket & Pin when she had a market night on Facebook at the weekend. How was that for prompt service. And the packaging was so delightful – it was beautifully wrapped in a sheet of pink tissue paper, lined with white tissue paper, with a pretty little Pocket & Pin sticker and some spotty washi tape to secure it. What a lovely way to end the day!


10 thoughts on “Lovely Sewing Shopping!

  1. What a coincidence! I bought 2 sewing patterns from their online shop this week. I am very pleased with them and they were a great bargain price.


  2. I have always struggled with hot weather, so much so that my sons grew up knowing not to misbehave when it was hot! I always loved having them home during school holidays – whether it was sunny or raining!


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