Festival of Quilts in Birmingham

If you’re a grandmother prepare yourself for a lesson in how to suck eggs!

The Festival of Quilts is THE show to attend if you are a quilter! When you hear someone speak of the show it is usually in an awed whisper. Superlatives abound when anyone speaks of the show. It is quilting nirvana and it’s on soon! As you can see above, it runs from Thursday 07 to Sunday 10 August at the NEC in Birmingham.

I have never been to the Festival of Quilts but, from what I hear, it is H-U-G-E. People talk of needing several days to see it all. Heady stuff, eh?

Well… I shall be going this year, thanks to:

Quilt Direct

Quilt Direct ran a giveaway and, yesterday, I received an email to say I had won two tickets for the Festival of Quilts! Woohoo! Although I would never call myself a quilter, I am excited about going to the show. I love to see the way that people use colour and I’m sure there will be plenty there to inspire me.

Thank you, Quilt Direct, for the tickets and I will try to find the way to your stand whilst I am there.

I’m also excited at the prospect of all the wonderful shopping opportunities. I am particularly on the look-out for hand-dyed threads. I really don’t want to buy any fabric as my fabric stash is at the stage where it is beginning to overwhelm me. I need to do a pile of sewing to use some of it. I have several projects in mind but cannot start them yet as I desperately need to finish the final blanket for Siblings Together so that the three blankets from the knitting group and the three quilts I have made can all be posted to the charity in time for their summer camp. Elizabeth and Val have both crocheted the borders on their respective blankets, for which I am very grateful, and I am on the home stretch of the border on the third. Phew! This really isn’t good weather for sitting with a blanket over your knees!


10 thoughts on “Festival of Quilts in Birmingham

  1. I went last year for the first time and it was amazing! I have entered my quilted play mat so am looking forward to seeing it!
    I will be there on Thursday and am meeting up with Sheila Craig with my 2 postcards!


  2. This is a fantastic exhibition. Having been several times before this is the first time I will be staying on site for nearly the whole time. It's a treat to me. Looking forward to our meet ups and getting our cards and ATCs together.


  3. I have heard several times that anyone going to the Festival needs more than one day so I am trying to have a sort of 'plan of action' for what I'd like to see so that I make the most of the day. It will be lovely to meet others from the Be Creative groups.


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