Friday Morning at Farnworth UCAN

Up until recently I was attending a WEA textiles course on Friday mornings at Farnworth UCAN. When the course finished it was agreed that we would continue to meet on Friday mornings to work on our textile projects. (Thank you to UCAN for facilitating this.) Anne (with an ‘e’) would oversee things and be available to help anyone, if needed, as would I.

Ann’s knitting for her expected

Ann (without an ‘e’) is expecting a grandchild shortly and has been busy knitting for him or her. She is not a confident knitter but has progressed well. During this week Ann finished knitting the main pieces of the cardigan she was making and, as she did not know how to take the next step, she put it to one side and began knitting a jumper in mint green. She has been going great guns and had already reached the armholes on the back. Well done, Ann!

Blankets crocheted by Anne (with an ‘e’)
and Erica

Anne (with an ‘e’) has been crocheting a baby blanket to be sent to Syria (on the left, above). She had finished the crochet and was wondering whether or not to add a knitted border all the way round. We decided that, actually, the blanket didn’t need the extra border so, after tidying up a couple of ends, Anne handed it to me. I shall shortly deliver it to a local collection point organised by Syria Relief, together with the various items I have amassed at home.

Soon after we had looked at Anne (with an ‘e’)’s blanket,  Erica came in with the one she has been making – it’s the brightly  coloured blanket on the right in the above photograph. I really like the cheerful colours she has used (apart from the touches of green, of course!). Erica was talking about the scalloped edging she was adding. After some discussion, she decided not add the scallops. I forgot to ask her who she has made the blanket for.

Tracy’s Crazy Patchwork 
Woven fabric piece by Tracy

I went into the other room that our group uses, to see what they had all been doing. Tracy has completed her crazy patchwork. She is going to use it to make a cushion. She has stitched around each piece of fabric individually, which gives an interesting effect.

The second photograph shows a woven fabric project. It is another interesting effect. I don’t think Tracy was offended when I commented that I liked it, except for all that green!

Julia’s crazy patchwork butterfly

Julia has been working on this gorgeous crazy patchwork butterfly. I love the colours she has used and adding the stained glass effect works very well, in my opinion. I think it will be stunning when completed.

Maureen knitting squares

Maureen joined the group last week (I wasn’t there as it was just TOO hot!). She is knitting squares for a blanket, using various yarns. She began the morning sitting in the room with Erica, Tracy and Julia then joined us halfway through the session. Maureen and the two Ann(e)s were chatting away about their shared backgrounds in Radcliffe. I think the common bond that they have has helped Maureen to feel more at ease.

As so often happens when people come together to craft, there is a tremendous amount of comfort and support within the group. Never underestimate the healing qualities of crafting!

Lastly, Colin and Diane were late arrivals because of an appointment. They are hoping for good weather tomorrow as they are off to Somerset on a camping holiday for a week. have a lovely time, both of you!


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