Posting A Bit Of Support

I am having a bit of a sort out. If you are a regular reader (thank you!) you will know that I enjoy making things for charity and that there are certain charities that I try to support on an ongoing basis.

A selection of toys made for
children in Syria

I make no apology for regularly talking about the things I make and the charities I support. I do it in the hope that it might encourage some people to use their craft to help others. There are so many worthwhile causes which need help. If I can raise the profile of a few by writing something on my blog, I am more than happy to do so.

Teddies made by members of various
groups I attend

Today I have been packing a box of knitted and stitched toys which have been made for children in Syria. The parcel is being sent to Hand In Hand For Syria who have said they will be given to children in hospitals inside Syria. The children are innocent victims of the ongoing situation in that country and need any love and support we can give them. I hope that these teddies and bunnies will provide some comfort to those who receive them.

Some of the teddies and bunnies for
children in Syria

The toys in this parcel have not all been made by me. Amy, who is a member of both Red Bank Knitting Group and the Radcliffe Sewing Group has made quite a few of them, including the delightful ditsy bunny in the front row of this photograph above. Others have been made by Erica at Farnworth UCAN and Sue, who is a member of the Friendly ELKS (a group in Rawtenstall making items for various charities). I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone else who has made teddies – if I have, I am very sorry.

Taggies for Syrian babies

I have also included the taggies that I made over this last weekend as there are certain to be babies in the hospitals.

At this point I would like to thank Hilary at the knitting group at Cobwebs and The Knitting Basket in Tottington, who gave me the felt that I used to make several of the toys. In addition, thanks go to Will Abakhan of Abakhan who gave me a bag of fleece pieces, some of which I used for teddies and some for the taggies.


6 thoughts on “Posting A Bit Of Support

  1. Very well done Dina to you and your friends who have created such lovely items for children who, as you say, are innocent victims. But I do have a question – what is a taggie? Why do babies need it and what do they do with it?? I don't mean to show my ignorance, but if I don't know, then maybe others don't know either!!


  2. A taggie is made from two pieces of fabric with tags (usually made of ribbon, or similar) stitched around the edges and sometimes with a crinkly layer inside. Babies like to play with the tags and enjoy the different textures and the sound when they play with it.


  3. Lovely donations. They will bring some smiles to little faces. I'm not shy about writing about my charity knitting either. If I didn't my bog wouldn't exist as I only rarely knit for me or other family members.


  4. The teddies and bunnies are lovely. I confess I didn't know what you meant by taggies. lol I got some cream wool yesterday to have a go at Sue's teddy comfort blanket.


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