Summer Journal Project – Prompt 36

Some people don’t like sport: they have no interest in reading about it, talking about it or watching it. Such is the case with Myfanwy Hart. In fact, Myfanwy was so fed up at the thought of this year’s “summer of sport” that she decided to instigate and administer the Summer Journal Project. The idea was that, for the months of July and August, those who signed up would keep a journal for which Myfanwy would publish daily prompts.

My journal pages about
my clothing style

I have so enjoyed being part of the Be Creative initiative that when I saw Myfanwy’s blog post about the Summer Journal project, I immediately signed up for it in my usual “jump right in before you think about it” way. I had never done any sort of journalling before. When I was a child I had a few attempts at keeping a diary but always gave up after a while. I’m afraid I am not very good at sticking with things: a combination of getting bored and being lazy, I think! Anyway, having signed up to do the Summer Journal I began working on each day’s prompt. There were some that I didn’t particularly want to attempt, for whatever reason, but I made a conscious decision not to become anxious about missing out some of the prompts. This was not supposed to be a form of exquisite torture!

Journal page following the prompt:
What can you do with an egg?

Like several of the others who are taking part, I sometimes work on a prompt several days after it has been published. In my view, that is acceptable as we are not obliged to work on each day’s prompt on the day it is published. For me, the main thing is to practise using the prompts as an inspiration, or a starting point, for a piece of creativity. Which leads me on to the reason for today’s post…

“Prompt 36. List 5 things you intend to do TODAY (sic).

This is how my list has been created:

1. Post biscuit wrappers for recycling and fundraising. This was the first thing I thought of so I decided to check the address that the package has to be sent to. It turns out that one needs to email the organisation to request a Freepost label so I sent the email before I had even put this task on the list! [To fund out more about fundraising by recycling biscuit wrappers, please CLICK HERE. The charity also have schemes to recycle baby wipe packs and babies’ food pouches.]

1. Finish sewing the taggies that I have prepared.

2. Add the taggies to the box of teddies and bunnies for Syria and prepare it for posting.

3. Have my hair cut. I have finally gotten around to making an appointment to have my hair cut. As usual, I am allowing my hairdresser free rein to decide what she does with it!

4. Scout around the shops locally to see if any of them have a suitable box for the blankets and quilts which I must send to Siblings Together. This is becoming urgent so I really must do this today!

5. Oh dear, I’m already exhausted just thinking about doing numbers 1 to 4 – well, I have already said that I’m lazy! Umm… Desperately tries to think of a task that won’t feel like a task! Eeeeerrrr. Aha! The washing machine has just completed its load so number 5 will be…

Hang out the washing!

Wish me luck!


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