Artist’s Trading Card Swaps

At the moment I am taking part in two separate Artist’s Trading Card swaps. The first is the Very Berry Handmade ATC swap, organised by Ali Burdon. The second has been organised by Myfanwy Hart under the auspices of the Be Creative project, to celebrate the National Day of Stitch.

The theme of the Very Berry Handmade swap is “Getting Away From It All”. I don’t tend to challenge myself to do things like taking part in swaps or collaborative projects because I struggle to find inspiration. I usually take it right to the line as my ideas come at the last minute. But… This time I knew what I wanted to use as the subject of my ATC right from the start. I also had a pretty good idea of how I wanted to put into effect, as well. (I have to say that this is scarily unusual!)

Some materials used for my ATC

I began by gathering some bits and pieces that I wanted to include for the background. Then I attacked them with the iron (protecting the iron by using a baking parchment sandwich)! This photograph shows their ‘after’ state. I used three different types of plastic bag: the strange skeletal/tree shape was the result of my being somewhat over-zealous with the iron, but I like the effect.

ATCs in progress

I have been adding some other bits and pieces, plus stitching and am pleased with how my two cards are progressing. As you can see, I have decided to make similar cards to use for the two swaps: I suppose some people might say that is cheating, but I don’t agree.

When the cards are complete I will reveal what my subject matter is. In the meantime, feel free to post your guess in the Comments below!


8 thoughts on “Artist’s Trading Card Swaps

  1. When I showed them to Peter, my partner, he recognised the place immediately! I think I shall have to post some photographs of the place that inspired me, when I reveal the finished cards.


  2. I really love your creativity, Dina! The idea of using plastic is fabulous! I was convinced that “the strange skeletal/tree shape” was a piece of seaweed. He he… I thought of a beach too but a cold one, with some snowy mountains in the background. Looking forward to the finished card and some photos of your inspiration.


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