National Celebration of Stitch 2014

The National Celebration of Stitch took place on Saturday 2 August 2014. As part of the celebration, Myfanwy Hart suggested various swaps of Artists’ Trading Cards (ATCs)and/or postcards between members of the Be Creative group. As usual, I jumped in with feet. Actually, I thought I had signed up for both an ATC and a postcard swap but, in the end I was in only the ATC group.

The ATCs I am working on for the
National Celebration of Stitch swap
and another swap

I wrote this post about the ATCs I am making for this and another swap. I haven’t managed to complete them yet as I have been duelling with a chest infection – and I haven’t won yet!

In the meantime, I have received this delightful ATC from my swap partner, Sheila Craig. It was Sheila who organised for members of Be Creative to meet at the Festival of Quilts.

Artists’ Trading Card made by
Sheila Craig

Sheila very kindly included an extra item in the package containing the ATC – and I absolutely love it! It’s a gorgeous handmade brooch!

Brooch made by
Sheila Craig

Thank you, Sheila, for two lovely gifts which I shall treasure.


4 thoughts on “National Celebration of Stitch 2014

  1. Get well soon my friend. The jewel on your card is from a broken bracelet of mine and I made the flower button on your brooch. This was a new venture for me in making ceramic buttons and these were my favourite. All used up now I think. Glad you like them. Now get well and that's me being bossy now. 🙂


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