Such a Useful Idea for Stitchers!

Sewing City Guide to Central London
(Copyright The Brodrick Design Studio)

I have to admit to spending more time than is sensible on the internet. However, in my defence, I do sometimes come across really useful things. Today was one of those days.

One of my “go to” sites is The Sewing Directory, run by Fiona Pullen. Fiona set up The Sewing Directory as a resource guide for stitchers and both are going from strength to strength. On my Facebook newsfeed today I saw a Sewing Directory post about Sewing City Guides so decided to take a look.

Whenever I go somewhere, like many other stitchers and crafters, I am always on the lookout for new, independent fabric shops, haberdashers and other craft outlets. The first two will be much easier to find with the help of these guides – yippee!

Sewing City Guide to York
(Copyright The Brodrick Design Studio)

The Guides are being compiled by Rachel of The Brodrick Design Studio. Each Guide has a map showing independent, local sewing businesses. What a great idea, and, they are free to download! To date, Rachel has published several Sewing City Guides to London, covering the Central, North, South, East and West areas; York; and Cambridge, and there are more in the pipeline (including Manchester – yippee!).

For each business listed on the maps, Rachel has usefully included a key showing the type of products sold: Haberdashery, Fabric, Wool, Classes, Machines.

You can find out more about the Sewing City Guides on the The Brodrick Design Studio blog or and download them on the website.

Happy shopping!


10 thoughts on “Such a Useful Idea for Stitchers!

  1. As most of my late evening time is now spent reading sewing related stuff on t'internet then this is a great idea. Whenever I go back to UK I can look up scrummy fabric shops to visit. Thanks for all you do Dina!


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