A New Month for Be Creative

Pinch, Punch, The first day of the month and no returns!

Even though my sons have both been adults for several years this still comes to mind when I realise that the date is the first of any month.

Not only is it the first day of September, it is also the first day of a new direction for the Be Creative group which was set up by Myfanwy Hart. Previous Be Creative events have involved a weekend of creative prompts, published periodically throughout Friday and the weekend. However, for September, the Be Creative event will be for the entire month! Members of the group are not obliged to work on every prompt, it is fine to pick and choose what one fancies doing. Also, the prompts don’t have to be followed slavishly: if your imagination or creativity takes you off at a tangent that’s absolutely fine. The whole point of Be Creative is to stimulate the imagination and creativity of participants.

The prompts vary tremendously: choose some fabrics, cut up a sheet of paper, colour a page, stitch some circles.

The Be Creative prompts are published on this blog and there is a group on Facebook which you can apply to join. It is a lovely, inspiring and encouraging group.

If you fancy having a go, why not pop over to the blog and have a go at today’s prompt? You can do as much or as little as you like. You never know… you might even enjoy it!


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