I’m Only Going To Whisper This…

I’m not going to say it too loudly but I think I may have finally shifted the chest infection! I certainly hope so!

I am in Scotland for a few days but had thought I might have to cancel because of that dratted chest infection, so you can imagine how pleased I am that it has taken the hint and disappeared.

Usually, I spend more time packing crafts to do than packing clothes. However, this time I decided to take some crochet. So, for the time being I am making more hats for premature babies in Syria. I think I have made 30-odd to date (including those made before I came north of the border).

I am enjoying making the hats. It may be because there are lots of results for not much effort!


10 thoughts on “I’m Only Going To Whisper This…

  1. Thank you, Maureen. I don't have any definite plans yet. I'm toying with a few dates but there are things that my partner and I wish to do which would mean slotting in my Oz trip at some time. It's likely to be between early April and late July. I'm definitely hoping to fit in a trip to Queensland


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