The Riddle is Solved

I am still excited but, at least, today I am going to reveal the reason for this extended period of joy.

It is quite probable that you will be deflated when I reveal the cause, but that won’t change how I feel.

And so…

Ladies and gentlemen…

Bossymamma is proud, not to say excited, to present…

My new sewing table!

Here it is! The cause of my excitement: my new sewing table!

My sewing table, with both leaves down but
with three drawers slightly open

I have had a dilemma for some time about where to sew. In my craft room I have a glass-topped desk which is lovely to work on for general crafting and/or computing. However, I really don’t think it would be safe to use a sewing machine on it. Not only that, but it would involve carrying the sewing machine upstairs whenever I needed to use it.

Using the dining table is not an ideal solution as Peter tends to take it over at weekends for one of his pastimes so that I have to clear my sewing away on Friday evenings.

I came up with what I thought was an ideal solution: a wooden shed/garden room. Dreams of my own private space for crafting and sewing floated through my mind. Plans progressed well… in my head. However, Peter was not keen on the idea. He said it would feel as though I was always out. So, it was back to the drawing board.

A few weeks ago I went to Ikea with Elizabeth and we found the answer to my problem…

The Ikea Norden table
I had seen a similar table elsewhere but was worried that, being a gateleg table, it wouldn’t be sturdy enough. However, Elizabeth and I had a really good look round the Norden, including checking that it would not wobble, and agreed that it fitted the bill. Not only was it sturdily built from solid wood, but it had three capacious drawers at each end which were ideal for storing sewing paraphernalia. Perfect!

I didn’t buy it during that visit as I knew Peter should see it first so, whilst we were staying with his brother and sister-in-law, the four of us took a trip to the nearby Ikea store and the table came back with us!

I am so thrilled with my table that I have even been waxing it! (Sorry, that must have been a shock for you to read, in view of my aversion to housew*rk!) When the waxing is finished I shall have fun deciding what to store in each of the drawers.

There is just one, slight drawback: as it is made of solid birch, it is very, very heavy and I shall probably have to move it to use it! Ummmmm… Suggestions on a postcard please!


10 thoughts on “The Riddle is Solved

  1. You can buy little wheels for furniture in diy shops. Would they solve the moving problem? Funnily, I guessed it was a sewing table, but didn't get around to mentioning it in a comment.


  2. Looks great, I have an IKEA desk that I can use for computer and sewing but the drawer and cupboard are full of admin stuff. Makes me think I will make it a sewing desk! I am sure you will love organising your workspace, moving it might not be so easy though as it will be heavy if the drawers are full etc, but enjoy!


  3. I totally understand your excitement, Dina! What a great sewing desk – plenty of storage and great working area. And the best thing is that you really don't have to pack your unfinished project away like in case of the dining table. Wheels might be the answer to your problem. Enjoy filling in all the drawers and working at your new desk!


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