Put Your Best Foot Forward

Knitted and crocheted bootees
for Syrian babies

I have been making bootees! I have only attempted bootees once before and they didn’t turn out well. No, let’s be honest. They were absolutely terrible – didn’t look like bootees, or anything recognisable. So, it has taken me a long time to even think of attempting bootees again. Some of the prevarication is due to my not being keen on knitting fiddly things. I expect the main reason for not trying again is that I didn’t want to be faced with my knitting inadequacies!

Anyway, I put all of that aside recently and attempted a pair of crocheted bootees. I had found a really simple pattern for crocheted bootees somewhere (apologies but I can no longer find it online!) so had a go. They ended up a bit small but I think they will be OK for a premature baby.

Crocheted hats for premature
babies in Syria

These hats are so simple to make although it takes me longer than the “10 minutes” the name of the pattern claims! I find I can easily carry around the hook and small amount of yarn needed for a hat so I can sit making them anywhere. I made several during our recent stay in Edinburgh. Also, they are really useful for using up scraps of yarn! You can find the pattern here.

Loom-knitted hats for Syrian children –
Made by Jacqueline

Yesterday, Jacqueline gave me these seven hats that she had knitted for Syrian children. She began using a knitting loom fairly recently, as a change from using ordinary knitting needles, and has found these hats quick and easy to make. The loom gives them a pleasant texture and they feel wonderfully soft. Thank you, Jacqueline.

Taggies for babies in Syria

Also, yesterday afternoon, I decided to christen my lovely new sewing table. I cut out and pinned a small pile of taggies. I managed to sew together five of them before I ran out of energy. I have a sneaking suspicion that dratted chest infection has returned for a longer visit! I am hoping that I will be able to finish sewing the taggies today or tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Put Your Best Foot Forward

  1. Well done, Dina, on trying again making booties! These are so tiny. I like the pink one, it looks like a little sock. Booties are usually are easily kicked off by babies, so maybe longer version (like socks) would even be better. I love the hats you've made. They are so colourful, great for using up scraps. I hope the chest infection didn't return and you were simply tired that day. Happy sewing, Dina, on your new table!


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