Lots of Places To Go And Things To See

Life is fairly quiet here at Bossy Towers. That’s a statement Peter would never have believed could be true whilst we have Little Sis staying with us. She arrived late on Sunday morning. We had so many plans for this week and next, but they have been scuppered by this dratted chest infection so we are having a quiet time of it. Usually we would be chatting nineteen to the dozen but, this week, we are not talking anywhere near as much. Mind you, when you have a friend with whom you feel so at ease, you don’t need to fill every silence, do you? Not only that, but Little Sis brought books and other things to keep her occupied if I wasn’t up to doing much.

While she has been here, I have been knitting a baby cardigan. It’s a top-down pattern which I have never tried before. I am so lacking in energy that I can only do a few rows at a time so it seems to be taking quite a while to make – especially when I fall asleep for a couple of hours during the day.

We had several activities planned for this week. The first, entitled “We Are 30” is a display by Bolton Embroiderers’ Guild at Bolton Museum celebrating the Guild’s 30th anniversary. We were also planning to go to Salford Museum to see the “Reincarnated Rubbish” exhibition showing pieces by Val Hunt who is a creative recycling artist.

I had also organised a visit to the Gallery of Costume at Platt Hall in Manchester where the curator had agreed to allow access to a small group of us to view their collections of buttons and fabric samples. Then, on Saturday we were due to set off to Skipton for Yarndale.

There was going to be serious stuff as well, namely a trip to The Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester to see Hamlet.

Unfortunately most, if not all, of these excursions are having to be cancelled due to the effects of this dratted chest infection. Huh! Little Sis and I don’t usually plan anything but, now that we have, we’re not managing to do any of it. ‘T’ain’t fair!

We have also had to cancel my proposed trip down to Somerset with Little Sis on Sunday. Again, we had planned a couple of things for during the journey: visiting an exhibition of art by Amber Marie at Victoria Hall, Radstock in North East Somerset and a calligraphy open studio which is part of Somerset Art Weeks. These were to be followed by visits to several more open studios as part of the Somerset Art Weeks event.

So, if you fancy an enjoyable arts-related trip in the next few days, you could do worse than try some of what we had planned. Well, someone should go, seeing as we can’t!


2 thoughts on “Lots of Places To Go And Things To See

  1. Dina, I am so sorry to hear that the chest infection has made a return trip. I do hope you recover soon. Have plenty of rest, it seems like the best thing you could do at the moment. It sounds like a great plan you had with so many interesting places to visit and things to do but life is life and quite often we are not in control of what is happening. I am sure it's nice to have your Little Sis by your side at this time, even if you don't feel like talking, company of lovely people is always helps. Get better soon and finish that little cardigan!


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