The World Has Been Turned Upside-Down!

This week has been rather topsy-turvy.

Baby cardigan for a child in Syria

As several of you are aware, I have been going 15 rounds with a chest infection for the last few weeks. The score so far is:

Bossymamma and Antibiotics Coalition   0              Chest Infection    16

(Well, that’s what it feels like!)

As I mentioned in my precious post, Little Sis and I had lots of plans for this week but we haven’t been able to do any of the activities on our list. Not only that, but my planned trip to Somerset to stay with Little Sis for a few days, has also been scuppered. So you can see why I might say that this week the world has been turned upside-down.


You would be wrong! The reason I say it is because of this:

Upside-down cardigan

This little cardigan is my first attempt at knitting a garment from the top, down i.e. Topsy turvy. And, I must say, I quite enjoyed it, not least because there was no sewing up to be done. Isn’t that every knitter’s dream? To be able to knit garments without having to do the dreaded sewing up?

The pattern that I used gave the cardigan a square neckline. I think it should be possible to design a more shaped neckline but my brain won’t allow me to work out how it could be done, at the moment. However, apart from the neckline, I think it is a very handy pattern, particularly as it features mock raglan seams. I think that is a clever design feature.

Marianna’s Ruffled Rosie cardigan
(Photograph by Marianna’s Lazy Daisy Days)

In the main, I used this pattern, called Ruffled Rosie by Marianna. I adapted it slightly by omitting to knit ruffled edges and making the sleeves long, rather than short. I think those small changes make the cardigan more useful for babies in Syria as it is, effectively, unisex.

This small cardigan is just about all I have managed to make this week. I hope to be more productive next week.

Happy crafting!


10 thoughts on “The World Has Been Turned Upside-Down!

  1. That's a lovely cardigan you have made, Dina! Nice colour and great pattern. I am glad you managed to do at least knitting. Stay positive and look after yourself! Hope this nasty infection goes away soon.


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