Dafney Is Getting Ready For The Cold Weather

Dafney sporting a fleece hat

Have you noticed how the temperature has fallen several degrees today? It’s time to check your winter wardrobe to ensure that you will be well-protected in the winter.

Perhaps this angle is better?

Dafney is very lucky as she has had a chance to try on some new fleece hats. I have made two such hats in the last few days. I have been using some pieces of fleece that I was given by Abakhan Fabrics at the Exeter Sewing Meetup in March of this year, organised by Fiona of The Sewing Directory.

Or maybe this angle?

I have already used some of the pieces as backing for one of the quilts I made for Siblings Together in the summer but this week I decided to use some of it to make snuggly hats for children in Syria. With winter fast approaching I decided to start immediately.

A slightly different design

The first hat I made was this one, with contrasting band and crown. As I began cutting out the pattern from the monkey-patterned fleece, I decided to include some plain fleece in the design. I was using a hat template that I had downloaded from the internet but I had forgotten to print the instructions!

Does my head look big in this?

I stitched together the four sections of the crown then attached them to the band. At this point I realised that the hat would need to be lined so I made an identical hat then stitched the two together. I turned them rights sides out and stitched the opening closed, then sewed a single row of simple stretch stitch on the machine, around the rim. That row of stitching added more definition and helped to keep the hat and lining neatly together.

Is this my best side?

Yesterday I began cutting out the fabric for another hat. Due to the size of the piece of monkey-patterned fleece remaining, I needed to make the second hat slightly smaller. This meant adapting each section of the crown of the hat. I ended up with six smaller sections which fitted beautifully onto the band.

Dafney modelling the purple
side of the contrasting hat

For this version, I attached the sections to the band before stitching them together to make the crown. That ended up being an awkward way to make the hat so I shan’t do it that way again.

How much longer do I have
to wear a hat?

Again, I made two identically sized hats and stitched them together. I decided to have one side completely plain and the other completely patterned so that whoever receives the hat will, in effect, have two hats to wear.

Dafney the Dog in her final pose!

I am pleased with how these two hats have turned out and hope to make more of them. I hope that the children in Syria won’t mind that Dafney has been modelling them!

As with so many other things that I have made, I will be donating these hats to Syria Relief. I have previously donated items to Hand in Hand for Syria who are currently collecting donations of goods at various collection points around the UK as part of their Big Winter Aid Drop 2014. To find your nearest collection point, please CLICK HERE.

To watch a video showing how to make hats such as these, click HERE . (With thanks to Meg on the Shortcuts to Sewing Forum who posted the link on that forum.)


6 thoughts on “Dafney Is Getting Ready For The Cold Weather

  1. Wonderful hats, Dina! You are brave! I would not even try making a hat as complicated as that. But reading about your process makes it less scary. The choice of fabric is nice, I like all the combinations, and it's great that the hats are double sided. I am sorry to hear that you are still not 100%, truly hope you get better soon.


  2. No, Larisa, I'm not brave. Brave would be if I thought about what I was going to do before jumping in and doing it! I just have a go and hope like mad that it will work – and if it doesn't… I'm very good at tweaking to make it work!


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