Sewing Machines

Picture the scene. Bossymamma sitting at her lovely new sewing table. Earlier in the day she had cut out the fleece fabric for six or seven hats for children in Syria. Lots of lovely, bright colours which would be a joy to sew and, subsequently, to wear. Hmph! Except the joy was missing!

Brother Super Ace II

My lovely sewing machine, which my Little Sis gave me, was being naughty. It decided it didn’t want to stitch all the layers together. It had a huuuuuggggeeee hissy fit. It did the sewing machine equivalent of stamping its feet – it kept snapping the thread.

I rethreaded the machine. It did it again. Play that scene in your head about a dozen times. I checked the bobbin. It did it again. I used a different bobbin. It did it again. I already had a ballpoint needle in the machine but I out in a new one. It did it again.

Can you spot a pattern developing here?

Another Brother Super Ace II

I switched off the machine, took off the cover and cleaned all around the tensions discs then carefully replaced the cover. I switched the machine back on and tried again. It did it again. So then I cleaned the bobbin area and, guess what? It did it again!

Next, I checked the manual. I went through every suggestion that was made, except the final one. I didn’t like that one! It said to contact the service centre. When I had to have the machine repaired last year I decided that if it needed any further work I would replace it. So, instead of contacting the service centre, I went online to double check the machine I had settled on during my visit to David Drummond’s shop in Edinburgh. That was a mistake as I was distracted by looking at the Brother NV2600 which is due for release next month.

I realised that I wasn’t going to be able to make a decision but then I remembered a special offer that I had seen advertised. I jumped in my car and drove to Lidl where I bought a Singer Brilliance for £99! It was the last one in the shop. I couldn’t believe my luck!

A big box – but not hugely enormous. 

I had decided that I could use the Singer whilst I decide which machine I want to buy. I hope that I will then be able to sell it for a reasonable price once I have my new machine installed.

The Singer Brilliance 6180

The machine itself doesn’t look vastly different from the Brother, on first inspection. However, it doesn’t take long to see the inferior quality of the Singer. When Little Sis and I were checking out the Super Ace II before she bought it, it was the latest all-singing, all-dancing model and the price reflected that. The Singer Brilliance is not at that sort of level but it’s a good little machine for the money. It was certainly worth paying £99 for it!

Singer Brilliance with table

Not only that, but it even has a small extension table included in that price! That’s something the Brother didn’t have.

I have tried the Brilliance today and it stitched the fleece easily – thank goodness. You will probably hear more about the machine, depending on how I get on with it.


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