It Was There One Minute…!?!

Singer Brilliance 6180

Who knew what an eventful day today would be?

As I was up fairly early, I decided to begin sewing another fleece hat before breakfast. No, I’m not mad! Honestly! I am having some problems with lack of energy at the moment and have found that I can manage it better if I do a little then rest.

As I began to sew the Singer was rather clunky. This had happened a couple of times yesterday but I had not really thought much about it. However, it didn’t sound happy. Hmmm. Anyway, I only did a little sewing then decided to check my emails whilst having a cup of coffee. How lucky was that? Actually, luck seemed to have been on my side this week!

I had received an email from a Brother sewing machine dealer which said that, for the duration of the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palacethere are reductions on some of the Brother range. Woohoo! The Brother NV1250 sewing and embroidery combination machine, which is the one I had decided on when I was at David Drummond’s shop in Edinburgh, was reduced from £1299 to £899! That’s a massive £400 reduction.

Brother NV1250 combination sewing and
embroidery machine

Well, it took me about three seconds to decide to buy it. Although I had been wondering about buying the new model when it is released, I couldn’t see any sense in paying more than double the cost of the NV1250 – especially as I am only buying a combination machine in case I want to use the embroidery function.

The decision also included returning the clunky Singer to Lidl. It was only ever a stopgap but I had already realised it was likely to start playing up. In fact, it did play up when I finished sewing the hat a little later.

I rang David Drummond after breakfast and bought the machine and some other bits and pieces to start me off and then promptly tried to use the credit card I had paid for the trip to Antarctica with – and payment was declined! Oops! Thank goodness I have another credit card. Phew, disaster averted… for a while.

After lunch I returned the Singer to the Lidl store where I had bought it. I was surprised and impressed with how easy it was to return the machine. I had anticipated reluctance to deal with the matter but the process was very easy. The assistant asked if I had changed my mind or if there was a problem with the machine. When I explained that it was making a clunking noise they immediately offered a refund. 10/10 for customer service, Lidl.

I returned home to be told that there had been two phone calls for me whilst I was out. The first was from the credit card company. Suffice to say that when I rang them back their service was not as good as Lidl’s! When I rang the second caller, I discovered that my good luck had run out. I was told by David Drummond that Brother are unable to deliver my new machine for about a month. Apparently, the company had set up a promotion on the NV1250 for the duration of the Ally Pally show, but didn’t have any stock in the UK! How’s that for forward planning?

Now I have to wait for ages and ages and ages and ages for my new machine to arrive. So, the Singer was there one minute and then it went back to Lidl. And the Brother… well, it was nearly there one minute…


2 thoughts on “It Was There One Minute…!?!

  1. I hope you enjoy your new machine when it arrives, Dina. Brother NV1250 sounds like a great machine with a few particular features that I really like. Do you have an old machine that you can use in the meantime? Or maybe it's time for some hand sewing? 🙂 Looking forward to hearing all about your new “friend” when it arrives.


  2. I'm looking forward to trying the sideways feed on the 1250! No, I don't have an old machine to use, Larisa. I have given my old Brother to a friend as it still works on some features and she will decide whether it's worth keeping. However, as you say, it's hand sewing for me at the moment.


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