Ooh, la la! Lacy Top Stockings!

I wonder if the title of today’s post misled you? My first title for this post was very boring so I opted for something that sounded a little more risqué! Just look at the photograph below and you will see just how naughty I am being today…

Lace-topped Felt Stocking

Hmm. Not very!

Being without a sewing machine and, also, with very little energy, I have been doing a lot of pottering and fiddling, all of which has led to me spending quite some time looking at Christmas tree decorations. This is quite a departure for me as I don’t actually ‘do’ Christmas. Oh, I give presents to my close family [including Little Sis] but that’s about all. Sending Christmas cards is very hit and miss – usually miss. I have absolutely no interest in celebrating what, for me, is a very sad anniversary. [Please don’t comment below about it being an important religious festival – I’m well aware of that.]

Anyway, all of that aside, I have been thinking about decorations and this idea came to me. I have lots of tiny lengths of lace and thought how pretty they could be at the top of some little stockings, hanging on a Christmas tree.

A hanging stocking
[N.B. Peter does have all his fingers,
they are just folded in this photo!]

I drew a small stocking measuring about 6cm wide by 7cm deep and cut out two of them. I oversewed them together using two strands of red embroidery cotton. Then I wrapped a 7cm length of 1.5cm wide lace around the top and stitched it into place. I decided that I wanted my stocking to hand straight, rather than tilted, so I attached two strands of the embroidery cotton as a loop, about a quarter of the way in from the inside edge of the rim.

Et, voila!

One scrappy felt Christmas stocking
to hang on the tree!


4 thoughts on “Ooh, la la! Lacy Top Stockings!

  1. Love the title and love the tiny stockings! Red felt and white lace is such a beautiful combination. They will look lovely on your Christmas tree, Dina! Two years ago I made felt mittens, about ten pairs for decorating gifts for friends and made none for myself. Maybe this is the year I make some for out tree. Enjoy hand sewing, Dina!


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