Something Other Than A Hat Or Scarf

Child’s jumper

At last, I have gotten round to knitting something other than hats, scarves or socks! I seem to have spent an awfully long time knitting all of those, using up scraps and odd balls of wool. However, I have now completed a small child’s jumper. Phew!

I used Sirdar Denim yarn

The pattern I used was this one from Red Heart. I like the broken rib design on the sleeves. However, I used only one colour and knitted it in Sirdar Denim Tweed double knitting. Unfortunately the yarn is now discontinued. I really liked the feel of the yarn, which is 60% Acrylic, 25% Cotton and 15% Wool. It goes a long way, as well – there are around 170m [186 yards] per 50g ball! This jumper [which I knitted in the smallest size – would fit about age 3-4 years] took just three balls.

Child’s sporty jumper

The yarn I used was given to me by Elizabeth. When I began the jumper I wondered if it would fit either of my grandsons, but it doesn’t, so it will help to keep a Syrian child warm, instead.


12 thoughts on “Something Other Than A Hat Or Scarf

  1. You do a lot of kind things Dina and a lot of people would have thrown the jumper to the back of a cupboard but straightaway you had a back up plan, one that shows the kind, hard working and nice person you really are.


  2. Well done, Dina! It's a nice little jumper. I actually like the jumper knitted in one colour only, it makes the design on the sleeves stand out more. Your hard work is going to be really appreciated.


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