Can’t See The Forest For The Trees.

Simple Christmas tree decorations

I have been fiddling again!

Whilst thinking about all things Christmas I was looking through my file of Christmas-related bits and pieces and found a template of a Christmas tree that I used several years ago. My eye was also caught by a box of Christmas-themed ribbons. “Aha!” thought I, “I could use those things together”. And so I did. It may not have been my most successful playtime but, no matter, I enjoyed myself.

I used a rectangle of paper-backed fusible web and ironed lengths of the tartan ribbon onto it. I flipped the whole thing over and, after removing the paper backing, I ironed more lengths of the ribbon at right angles to the first side. When I had done that the whole piece was rather flimsy. Oops! However, it became more stable as it cooled. I used my template to cut out four tree shapes. [You will notice that the trees don’t look symmetrical but that is due, in part, to the fact that the pattern on on the ribbon is an asymmetric one.] I then threaded each tree with a length of two strands of red embroidery cotton, ready to hang them somewhere suitable for Christmas.

So there you have another easy, no-sew decoration to make for Christmas using up odds and ends that you have in your craft room!

Your own ‘forest’ of Christmas trees!


6 thoughts on “Can’t See The Forest For The Trees.

  1. That's a great idea, Dina! I don't like using the same ribbon year after year, so there are always plenty of leftovers. I think it also would be interesting to fuse different types of ribbons together. Something like the crazy patchwork but without sewing. Just a thought. 🙂


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