Shortcuts To Sewing Forum – The Way Forward?

For some time members of the Shortcuts To Sewing Forum have been experiencing difficulties posting items and logging in. Consequently, activity on the forum has been slowing down and is now almost at a standstill.

As a stopgap, Hazel (also known as Muralou) set up a group on Facebook where members could keep in contact and post pictures of their makes.

The following is a post that I put on the Facebook group, which has also been posted on the forum. I am writing about this here so that members can discuss how they feel about what should happen next with the forum.

If you are a member of the Shortcuts To Sewing Forum, please feel free to share your views in the Comments section below, on what the forum should be or do next. It would be helpful if you could include your Forum Username at the start of your comment so that we can keep track of who is saying what. Could I also request that readers who are not members restrict any comments they wish to make to offering practical advice / information about how to put proposals into effect, please?

Thank you.

This is what I posted earlier:

One problem that has already cropped up with having the Shortcuts to Sewing group on Facebook is that many people do not have (and do not want) Facebook accounts.
Debbie and John have not been able to get the problems sorted on the forum and Debbie has reached the point where she has had enough. (I can’t say I blame her. It costs her money for the forum to be administered so she is getting all the hassle and paying for the privilege.
I suggested to Debbie a couple of weeks ago that I thought it might be a good idea for the forum to move to another provider/server/host. She agrees with me.
We need to think about where the forum goes from here.
It was a great idea of Hazel’s to start this group – we needed someone to do something. However, I don’t think Facebook will be the answer for hosting the forum as it needs to be somewhere that allows us to have different sections.
Obviously, someone or some people, needs or need to do some legwork finding somewhere to set up the forum. We also need to let members on the existing forum know what is happening.
If anyone on here is able to post on the forum at the moment (I can’t get logged in wherever I try) it would be really helpful if you could spread the word, please.
We need to discuss what we want regarding the forum. As some people can’t get on Facebook, we could use my blog as a place to discuss and leave comments, if that would help 


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