Did This Happen The Wrong Way Round?

Postcards from Wendy and Margaret

As many of you already know, I am a member of an online group called Be Creative which is organised by Myfanwy Hart. I enjoy being part of the group and working on the various ‘prompts’ that Myfanwy publishes. However, the health difficulties I have had over the past three months have dampened my enthusiasm for many things, including Be Creative, not least because of the extreme tiredness I have had.

As part of Be Creative there are optional periodic swaps of handmade postcards and Artist’s Trading Cards organised. A few weeks ago Myfanwy announced that the postcard swap would be somewhat different.

Papercrafted postcard made by
Julieanne [sorry for dreadful pic!]

Instead of a swap there was to be a postcard ‘blitz’. With a heavy heart I opted not to take part in the blitz: I knew I would feel under tremendous pressure to create a card and to have it done by a certain time. [The pressure would come from myself, but I haven’t figured out how to stop it happening.]

Papercrafted card from Juliet
and fabric card from Margaret

I put all thoughts of the blitz out of my mind and simply enjoyed seeing what other Be Creative members were creating.

Last week I was contacted by Irene to ask if I had received a postcard she had sent me. I explained that Peter and I had been away and would not be returning home until this week so I would let her know in a few days. She replied that she had spoiled the surprise, to which I responded that she hadn’t as I could look forward to it waiting for me. I had assumed that she had sent the card to cheer me up as that is the kind of thing she is likely to do.

Woohoo! How wrong was I?

Postcards from Sheila and Irene

Very wrong, as it turned out!

All of the postcards in these pictures were waiting for me when we arrived home after midnight on Monday night/Tuesday morning! It was a smashing surprise! Oh my goodness, I felt so lucky, and special, and honoured, and pleased, and all sorts of other lovely things.

The cards have been made using lots of different techniques including cutting, glueing, gelli plate printing, painting, hand stitching, machine stitching and stamping and various materials: paper, organza, scrim, buttons, beads and a map.

Peter and I have enjoyed looking at them and admiring the skill and creativity that went into each one.

Thank you so much to everyone involved in ‘blitzing’ me with postcards from one very appreciative recipient!


10 thoughts on “Did This Happen The Wrong Way Round?

  1. I too can appreciate the feelings you have experienced as I was going to take part in this but with my g/daughters Leukaemia diagnosis I withdrew. Cards have been landing on my mat and bringing cheer to me while I am in this dark place. Best wishes to you Regards Linda Harriott


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