More Happy Mail!

Before I begin today’s post, I need to put a note regarding my post called Did This Happen The Wrong Way Round. Silly me, I forgot to explain what the title referred to! My point was that usually the postcards one receives are from people who have gone on holiday, whereas it was me who had been on holiday and I was the one receiving the postcards!

Felt postcard received from Liz

Yesterday, Peter and I delivered a carful of donations from us and from others, to Syria Relief‘s warehouse in Openshaw. Unfortunately we arrived late, because of me, so didn’t manage to meet Yashar, who works for them. I was late getting ready to leave, then we were caught in heavy traffic and, finally, my memory failed me and I was looking for their warehouse on the wrong road! Not my finest hour!

We were going from Openshaw to Mossley, to see Peter’s mother. En route we stopped at The Village Store in Heyrod, near Stalybridge. What a little gem! Lovely, friendly owner, chatty customers and delicious sandwiches. It really had the feel of a village shop and made a very pleasant interlude.

Fabric postcard from Jane

We arrived home at around 9.00pm and there was a pile of mail on the doormat, including two more postcards from the Be Creative postcard blitz, which you can see in the above photos. I really do feel blessed.

I am now thinking about making a special book to keep them in. Watch this space!


2 thoughts on “More Happy Mail!

  1. So many cards for you, Dina! That's truly lovely. Two more pieces of joy and creativity. A special book to keep them in sounds like fun. Looking forwards to seeing what the cards inspire you to create.


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