Our Wandering Has A Surprise At The End!


It is apposite that we begin with this stall as in this, my third post about the Home Is In The North show, we are on the home stretch, looking at the final stalls before heading homeward. Nicky at Homeward breathes new life into special items. To understand more you need to visit her website at http://homewardhome.co.uk .


Adriana Gentile Woven Textile Design

All of the fabrics in this photograph have been designed and woven by Adriana Gentile. They are beautiful hues and wonderfully soft. Head to her website to find out more: http://www.adrianawoventextiles.com .

Anna Joe Textiles Design

Gemma Davison is the owner of Anna Joe Textiles Design. She produces these beautiful designs for the home and has recently branched out into printing wonderful silk scarves. Visit her website to see what else she produces: http://www.annajoe.co.uk .

Simon Wilks Tableware Design

Simon designs and produces interesting bowls and servers. The bowls are ceramic or stoneware and the servers are made from wood. The whole thing then comes on a wooden stand – sometimes a single piece of wood, at other times the stand is made from several slices of wood which have been pressed. I particularly liked the pressed wood. See more about his work by clicking here .

Bough To Beauty – Upcycled wooden accessories

Vix and Lou describe themselves as “sisters with a dream”. They produce upcycled wooden accessories which are ethically made and environmentally conscious. Read about their vision and see their products at http://www.boughtobeauty.co.uk/about-us/ .

Bough To Beauty

Northern Letters

Matt Simpson loves Manchester and he is inspired by the typography that is found in and around Manchester – on buildings, signs, restaurants and elsewhere. He is so inspired, in fact, that he uses those letters to enable you to have a little part of Manchester’s Northern Quarter in your home. Find out more about Matt and his products at https://www.northernletters.co.uk .

White Light Ceramics

White Light Ceramics look so very delicate: they are almost like paper. Well, they are almost like paper because paper is included in the process. To find out more email: whitelightceramics@gmail.com . Unfortunately the website address listed on the business card is not current.

White Light Ceramics

Well, that brings us to the end of our wander around the Home Is In The North show… except that you have yet to learn what the young couple needed.

As I was moving away from the final stall I heard a young woman say to her partner:

“We need a unicorn.”

It was a magical end to our day.


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