Playing With My Brother

Bossymamma’s Brother

Here it is! My brand new, all-singing, all-dancing sewing and embroidery combination machine… my Brother 1250. I love it already! It is so quiet and so smooth. It has a thread cutter, which I love using – for some reason it gives me a little thrill every time I press that button! Silly, isn’t it?

When I first sat in front of the machine I admit I felt a little overwhelmed but that didn’t last long. I soon began trying it out. I cut a piece off a length of leftover fabric that Peter’s mother, Christina, had given me – I think it was from some curtains but, anyway, it looked ideal for what I wanted to do. Then I began stitching… I started trying out some of the decorative stitches to see how they stitched. 

My sampler showing some of the
1250’s decorative stitches

I began with the idea of producing a sampler that I could use to make a cushion for Christina. When I mentioned the idea to Peter his comment was that she already has lots of cushions (she does), but then I remembered that I had had the idea to make a special bag for Peter’s sister-in-law, Joy. She always carries around a filled hot water bottle and it occurred to me that if I made a bag to hold the hot water bottle, it would allow her to use the hand that currently holds it. I hope she won’t take offence at the bag: that she won’t think I am poking fun at her. I’m not poking fun, I genuinely hope that the bag is useful to her.

Joy’s Hot Water Bottle Bag

It even has adjustable straps!

Although I stitched the sampler, I didn’t immediately make the bag – I was too busy playing with the machine! My next step was to try using the embroidery unit – really scary stuff! I would have to behave myself, read the instructions and follow the rules which is not easy when you’re as impatient as me! But I did it. I took my time and read what each of the manuals said (there are two manuals – a “quick start” short manual and the full guide) then set about hooping another piece of Christina’s donated fabric – the lining, this time.

Bossymamma’s first piece of machine

Drum roll, please… Here we have my first piece of machine embroidery. I deliberately chose a single colour motif as I didn’t feel like changing colours in my first attempt. I also made sure it was a small, quick design because I wanted to see the results quickly. Honestly, I’m like a small child, I’m so impatient. Anyway, I was pleased with the result. It stitched out neatly and smoothly so I think my hooping of the fabric must have been OK. Hmmm, but then I realised I had a large used a large piece of fabric and an equally large piece of stabiliser and “tight mode” took over. I didn’t want to waste all of that. So, I began looking in the manuals to see how I could reposition where the machine embroiders. Argh, panic! I couldn’t find it. Oh well, one of the members on a sewing forum I belong to had said she also owns a 1250, so I put out an SOS on the forum. I was soon receiving replies so was able to start repositioning. This is the result and I am modestly pleased with how it turned out.

Several embroidered motifs –
repositioned by me!

I don’t know if any of the motifs will be usable in projects but I imagine they will, so I shall keep this piece. Oh dear, where am I going to be able to store it? Aaargh!

Pillowcase dress

My first completed project on the 1250 was the pillowcase dress in this photograph. When I had finished my playtime my mind went blank and I couldn’t think of what to sew. Then I remembered that I had acquired some pillowcases from my mother during her house move earlier this year so I decided to make a dress from one of them. It was a good test for the machine as there were some places where the joining of seams caused very thick piles of fabric for the machine to sew through. No matter. Cherry managed it easily. (I have just this moment thought of and decided upon the name ‘Cherry’). So, I have my first two projects under my belt and Cherry is ready, willing and more than able to stitch them!

Happy sewing, everyone!


8 thoughts on “Playing With My Brother

  1. If you were able to read the manual, then you are very patient, Dina. 🙂 I love the first pieces you have produced with the help of Cherry. The sample looks perfect for the hot water bottle bag, it's so simple but quite elegant. I am sure you will find plenty of use for the embroidered motifs, they look lovely. I like the pattern of the pillowcase dress. You have been very productive with your new helper. Happy sewing, Dina!!


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