Cherry’s Been Busy Again

Cherry (my Brother 1250) has been busy again. She’s a very good girl. She’s ready to go whenever I ask: late evening, early morning, whenever. That’s a very useful trait of hers because I tend to go to see her during my flashes of energy,

Anyway, you don’t want to hear about that, you want to hear what my clever little girl has made this time, don’t you?

Pillowcase Dress made for
Dress A Girl Around The World

This is Cherry’s third finish: another pillowcase dress for Dress A Girl Around The World . The dresses (plus shorts for boys) are sent to communities around the world. It is run on a shoestring by volunteers. I can’t imagine how many hours they have to put into running the organisation but I am so glad that they do.

I have acquired a few more pillowcases so my intention is to make dresses from all of them and post the entire bundle together. Isn’t it a good job I collect ribbons, trims and elastic wherever I go and that I make my own bias binding!

Happy sewing, everyone. What are you making at the moment? I would love to know.


4 thoughts on “Cherry’s Been Busy Again

  1. That's a lovely dress, Dina. Love the details and the white with green and pink. Cherry is indeed a great helper. I just finished a new hanging ornament and now I am working on a key ring and about to start working on a notebook cover.


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