It’s Bigger Than You Think!

I need to pack away my lovely Brother 1250, now known as “Cherry”. However, I have a teensy weensy problem which I am hoping one of my lovely readers will be able to help me with, please.

Cherry will fit in the place where I used to store my Brother Super Ace II before it died, but… the embroidery unit won’t fit on that shelf. I want to store the embroidery unit in the cupboard under the stairs, with my Janome embellisher, but it needs to be protected.

The box that contained the machine and embroidery unit had only a polystyrene tray for the embroidery unit and that really isn’t sturdy enough to keep it in permanently. I have been looking for a storage box but haven’t found anything yet.


My question is…

How do you store the separate embroidery unit of your machine (if you have one), to keep it safe?

I really would appreciate your help and ideas, please.


2 thoughts on “It’s Bigger Than You Think!

  1. You could find a big enough box, either cardboard or Tupperware and pack bags of rice around it to keep it secure and protect it. As you know I haven't got one, so I'm really just grasping at straws – hope it helps though


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