How A Stitcher Should Wrap Christmas Presents

Have you ever tried to wrap a dog?

I don’t know about you, but I love giving presents. I especially love giving people lots of presents. I’m not talking about hugely expensive presents, I’m talking about presents that probably don’t cost much money, that are fun, or useful, or nonsensical and, often, small.

How about wrapping a Ferrari?

Let’s be honest, probably one of the reasons I love giving lots of presents is that I rather like receiving presents.

Or a helicopter…?

I am not quite so keen on wrapping presents… and I really don’t like wrapping awkwardly-shaped presents! However, I think those irritatingly weird dimensions will cause less of a problem this Christmas season! What’s the reason for this unusual optimism, I hear you ask. Well, the answer to my present-wrapping prayers appeared on that wonderful site, Pinterest.

Spiderman can be very awkward
You know how, when you go onto Pinterest, a lovely array of pins comes up on screen? Well, one Sunday morning at about 04:50, I was browsing some of those pins and came across this lovely idea…

A lovely idea for stitchers.

I think it would be lovely, as a stitcher, to wrap some presents for family and friends in this way. You could use almost any paper for the wrapping: kraft paper, metallic-finish wrapping paper, Christmas-themed paper, handmade paper. You could even use fabric! Woohoo, another use for fabric scraps! And, wouldn’t it be fun to put buttons and buttonholes onto the parcel so that it could be opened like a piece of clothing?

My mind is buzzing with ideas. ‘Scuse me, must dash – sew much wrapping to do!


4 thoughts on “How A Stitcher Should Wrap Christmas Presents

  1. Dina, thank you so much for this post! I was in a process of wrapping some presents and one in particular (the oddly shaped one) drove me mad. I tried many different ways but didn't like any of them. So I had to switch off for a while and there it was – your post. Yay! I wrapped my small present in some cellophane paper first to give it a shape and hold it all together, then I put the package between two layers of Christmas paper and stitched it in a shape of a stocking. So simple! So cute! Love it! Thank you!! The only thing I would like to point out is – make sure that you use quite thick paper, otherwise you will end up ripping it over and over again while sewing .:-)


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