Suffolk Puffs or Yo Yos.

Project using Suffolk Puffs

Do you call them Suffolk Puffs or Yo Yos? Those circles of fabric that are quickly stitched around and drawn in to make a smaller, puffy circle? I believe that traditionally they are called Suffolk Puffs here in the UK, and Yo Yos in the USA. I don’t know about Australia or elsewhere: perhaps someone will comment below?

When I first heard the name Suffolk Puff, I confused it with puff patchwork, but it wasn’t long before I got the correct picture in my head whenever they were mentioned.

I haven’t made many Suffolk Puffs. I’m not actually sure whether or not I like them or not. I think it probably depends on the colour, pattern and/or texture of the fabric used, the size of the puff plus what it is being used for. I have seen some that looked terribly drab and old-fashioned, in a bad way, whereas others have looked stunning. So, you can imagine the sorts of things that went through my mind when Anne (with an “e”) [yes, she’s still around!], told me about a project she was working on which included Suffolk Puffs.

I needn’t have worried. I think the end result is lovely.

Name made using letters embellished
with Suffolk Puffs – made by Anne (with an “e”)

Like many crafters, and I am definitely included in that group, Anne (with an “e”) lacks confidence in her abilities. Again, like many crafters (and I’m not in this group), she has far more skill and artistry than she realises. Anne (with an “e”) is one of those people who can visualise what another person is after, and then come up with an idea of how to produce it. She can turn her hand to most things: an enviable skill. We work quite well together as some of our skills complement each other, which can be useful, particularly if one of us is stuck on a project.

An example of Anne (with an “e”)’s
embellishing skills

Anne (with an “e”) loves bling, whereas I struggle with it, and she likes things that have been embellished with bits and pieces. Again, I’m not very good with that so I wouldn’t have attempted to make the letters in the photo, but Anne (with an “e”) has made a lovely job of them.

Well done, Anne (with an “e”)! Take a bow!


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