Goals: Setting Them, Achieving Them, Reviewing Them

It’s a year since I set myself some goals so I thought I would see how well I have done with them.

Goal Number 1
My first goal will be to clear some of each of my stashes so that each is smaller at the end of 2014 than it is now. 

Knitted by me for Syria Relief

Hmm. My stashes. **blushes furiously. I have been working my way through my yarn stash. 
I have done a lot of knitting for Syria Relief, including using up quite a lot of brushed acrylic yarn which someone donated. Unfortunately no-one that I knew was prepared to knit with it so I did it. I can’t tell you how pleased I was to get to the end of it!

Even the scraps are knitted!

I think the only yarn I have bought this year is two or three balls of sock yarn. I have knitted socks from one ball and am about to embark on another pair. I cannot remember buying any other yarn so, if my stash has increased it has been due to donations. Phew!

My first ever pair of socks!
Quilt made for Siblings Together

Reverse of Siblings Together quilt

Fabric stash… Oh dear, must we talk about this one? I made quilts for Siblings Together using some squares I had bought in 2013 for the tops and fabric from my stash for the backs. However, the fleece I used for one backing came from a bundle I had been given by Abakhan early in 2014 (which had obviously added to my stash). I used more of the fleece to make hats for Syria Relief in the autumn and used quite a bit of felt, donated by Hilary, to make teddy bears for them. The stash still seems quite large – must work harder on this one!

One of the fleece hats I made for
children in Syria (not dogs!)

Goal Number 2
I need to be more organised about what projects I am working on. 
I am pleased to say that I have managed to do this. I think the organisation needed to be in my head rather than materially. Now, I often have two knitting projects on the go: it stops me becoming bored but also, if one is more complicated, I may well need to do something less challenging.

As for sewing, I have several projects on the go but three of them have today been reclassified as “slow cloths”. It’s actually the perfect description for them as there is no time limit at all on them, so I may take as long as I wish.

Goal Number 3
Being less bossy.
I sincerely hope I have managed this, but you would have to ask my family and friends.

Goal Number 4
Read more books. 
Oh dear! I didn’t do too well on this one. I think I may have read more books than in 2013, but the total was quite poor. In my defence, I was unwell for most of the second half of the year and not able to concentrate on reading. I do have a book on the go now, does that count!

Goal Number 5
Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.
This one was rather forced upon me by my illness but, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining – and in my case, it smells of roses!


12 thoughts on “Goals: Setting Them, Achieving Them, Reviewing Them

  1. I always have goals, but tend not to write them down (because then they become real) but I am going to do – in the front of my new diary, so I know exactly where I put the list!
    I read every day (well night) before I go to sleep and do get through quite a few books but craft wise, I tend to start something, then something else takes my fancy, so I move onto that and then the first thing is 'forgotten'. At the moment I am crocheting a wave blanket that came in a book my sister bought me for Christmas and I'm loving it – so much so, I'm loathe to put the computer on because then I have t leave it. Which reminds me . . . . . .
    Oh and by the way Dina, you are bossy (still), but so lovely with it and so well meaning, I don't think anyone ever holds it against you and certainly wouldn't within my hearing xxx


  2. I think you should give yourself a big pat on the back Dina – it looks like you've achieved so many of your goals! I really LOVE the socks you knitted – I get no end of ladders when I knit on 3 or 4 needles, grrrr! I'm really impressed with all the sewing you've done for Syria relief too, such a wonderful gift. I wish you good health and happiness for 2015 Dina, take great care x


  3. Well done, Dina! You have had a busy and productive year despite being unwell. You should be very proud of yourself. I could never set long-term goals but what helps me is a creative diary where I write down ideas, make notes, make simple sketches of things I would like to make and set dates. It's easy to review them on monthly bases. I worked out that the only time I can read is before I go to sleep, that's when my overreactive mind lets me concentrate on what I am reading but the downside to it is that I fall asleep too soon. 🙂 As for the goal #5 – that's very important. I am trying to work on this every day but in the heat of the summer I find it too hard to do that.


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