So… What Would I like To Achieve in 2015?

Although I’m not much interested in New Year celebrations, this is a useful time for setting goals or looking at what we would like to achieve.

I don’t intend to set myself aims that are unachievable. I prefer to make small steps towards a large goal. So, let’s see what we come up with, shall we?

First Aim

My first aim is to not increase my stash of fabric or yarn. 
During 2014 I worked steadily to try to reduce both stashes but sometimes it felt quite soul destroying. I could not believe how little impact it had on the box containing various sizes of pre-cut squares when I made two quilts from them! And it’s not even a large box!

Second Aim

I hope to make at least one, but possibly two, quilts for Siblings Together from my stash of pre-cuts. [Siblings Together is such a worthwhile organisation working with children who are in the care system in the UK and separated from their siblings. As well as quilts, they also accept donations of knitted teddies and knitted or crocheted blankets. Please click on one of the links to find out more.]

I am also planning to make at least one quilt using fabric from some discarded men’s shirts, as I think it would be more suitable [or acceptable] to older boys. 

Third Aim

Spend less time on the internet!!!
They say that procrastination is the thief of time but, nowadays I think it’s the internet that’s doing it. I need to restrict the time I spend online so that I have more time to create.

Fourth Aim

Plan ahead for forthcoming events.
I have a habit of leaving things until the last minute. However, with the changes in my health, I can’t be sure I’ll have the energy to do things at the last minute so I must try to complete things before deadlines are looming.

On the face of it, my aims don’t look particularly challenging and maybe they’re not, but they are my aims and, at the moment, I need goals that are achievable.

Let’s see how it goes, shall we?


10 thoughts on “So… What Would I like To Achieve in 2015?

  1. Achievable goals make much more sense that over-ambitious goals that leave you feeling bad at the end of the year. I share your third aim and made great progress with that recently. It definitely frees up time for more productive activities.


  2. A Very Happy New Year Dina. Your aims look as though they are realistic as well as achievable. I can identify with some of them and your Charitable one makes me humble. I hope your health does not hold you back and that you manage to complete your aims. Good Luck.


  3. That's a good plan for 2015, Dina. I as well can identify with some of the aims as Craftylagare, especially the third one. It's such a time stealer. May you enjoy good health and be full of energy this year, Dina!


  4. Hello, I'm visiting after seeing your comment about the Siblings Together quilts on Lily's quilts. It would be great to see your quilt (s) on the Flickr group page and add it the total.
    I agree with your third aim. I try that too!


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