More Getting Things Done

In November I took delivery of Cherry, my lovely new Brother NV1250D sewing machine. Although I have had it for several weeks I have come across two difficulties with it. Peter suggested that I contact the dealer but I, very patiently, explained to him that the dealer would not be able to help. Actually, neither would Brother.

The Brother NV1250D

The two problems are going to take a bit of solving. The first problem is that I haven’t had much time to use the machine! It’s terribly frustrating! I had to wait six very long weeks for the machine to arrive and, by the time it did, life was getting hectic. Only about 10 days after its arrival there was a trip to visit my mother. Then, just four days after returning, we left for our amazing trip to Antarctica. When we arrived home it was a few days prior to Christmas so I was busy wrapping presents and all that sort of stuff. Move on a couple of days from Christmas and I was attacked by the cold that Peter had decided to share with me! So you can see the difficulties I have been facing regarding finding enough playtime.

The second problem is more of a physical problem, well, I suppose you could say it’s two physical problems. In order to send the machine for servicing or (*whispering) repair, it has to be returned in its original packaging. That’s fine, except…

The box is humungously ginormous. I mean, it’s B-I-G.

It’s so big it won’t fit through the loft hatch. Argh! That means I have to find somewhere to store it, where it won’t come to harm. At the moment, it is sitting on our landing, outside the door to my craft room,

and it’s in the way!

No, of course there isn’t room for it in my craft room. What a ridiculous idea! That means it will have to be kept in the appropriately named Box Room.

Ideal. That’s where we keep all sorts of Stuff, with a capital “st”. The only problem is that it already has lots of Stuff in there. Aha! Now we get to the part that the title of this post refers to! I need to clear some space in the box room and, to do that, I am working my way through various piles of Stuff and, whilst doing so, I found a couple of pillowcase dresses that I made a short while ago. *Lightbulb moment. Make the other pillowcases in the pile into dresses then I can post them off in the box that I have been keeping specifically for that purposes. So, that’s what I have done.

Two freshly-made pillowcase dresses

Et, voila. Two pillowcase dresses, ready for posting to Dress A Girl Around The World.

Hmm. That’s created another problem. The dresses don’t fill the box, so I’ll need to find some more fabric I can use to make two or three more dresses. *sigh.


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