A Little Of What You Fancy

Peter and I have been on a little holiday to Scotland. We like going on holiday, especially to Scotland and even more especially when it’s cheap – and this one fulfilled all of those criteria. So, we decided to have a little of what we fancied, and booked it. It was a coach holiday up to Fort William and we had to leave home by taxi early on Monday morning in order to board the coach in our nearest town.

We had allowed a generous length of time between the time the taxi was booked for and the scheduled arrival of the coach as we have previously had problems due to the late arrival of a taxi. Consequently, on Monday morning, I found myself sitting knitting in the bus station… at 6.45 in the morning! Well, I wasn’t going to sit and do nothing, was I? 

Have yarn, will travel

For my holiday crafting I had decided to take some knitting yarn oddments and ends of balls that had mysteriously appeared in my stash. Well, actually what had happened was that I had brought home some weaving boards that I had left in the cupboard at our Friday craft group. Whilst emptying the bag at home, I came across quite a bagful of yarn odds and ends that I had forgotten about. I sorted them roughly into colour groups and grabbed the bag of ‘pinks’ to take with me.

Some of the contents of the ‘pink’ bag

As you can see from the photo, ‘pink’ covers a multitude of shades, which doesn’t matter. To use up the scraps, I had decided to knit hats for children in Syria. These oddments are perfect for the job as each hat ends up in a different variety of shades, making them unique.

The perfect colours for this project

During our few days away, I did a little knitting. I certainly wasn’t knitting at my usual speed – I think my hands were on a “go slow” – but I was enjoying using the colour combinations. During a wander around Fort William, I was nosing around a charity shop (well, it would be rude not to, wouldn’t it?) and found this beautifully soft ball of yarn in the perfect combination of colours for my hats. [In case you are wondering, the thickness of the yarn doesn’t matter for the hats I knit.] Well, obviously I had to buy it, didn’t I? I know I said I wouldn’t buy or add to my stashes, but I am proposing to knit all of the ‘pink’ bag in the next couple of weeks or so.

The results of my labours

It took me several days to complete my first hat, last week. I just couldn’t believe how long it took! Mind you, I was suffering poor health for much of the week, which was making knitting difficult. However, come Thursday evening my needles were clicking considerably faster and between then and Friday evening I knitted three more hats. I have spent much of this weekend sewing in ends of yarn as my wrists and hands wouldn’t allow me to knit them in as I went. Fancy a boring job? Sew in the yarn ends on four hats that have been made of oddments! 

It won’t come as any surprise to my regular readers to hear that these hats have been made for Syrian children. I shall take the hats along to Syria Relief, along with other items, and they will transport them to Syria.

I still have some of the ‘pink’ bag left so there are likely to be a few more hats appearing out of it. Hold on, though, shouldn’t it be the hats that things appear out of?


2 thoughts on “A Little Of What You Fancy

  1. Fort William is a wonderful place according to my husband who visited it some time ago. He brought back home many photos that I totally enjoyed checking out. I am so surprised at how lovely all these pinks look together, Dina. Cute little hats you have made.


  2. Yes, it's a beautiful area and we had a great view across the loch from our room. As for the pinks, it's surprising what you can get away with when you're using so many shades and textures.


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