They Say That Confession Is Good For The Soul…

Buttons, pretty buttons

It is said that confession is good for the soul. I’m not sure how true that saying is: certainly, as a child, it didn’t feel very good which is why I would shy away from it. However, I thought that today I would be exceedingly brave and make a confession.

There are some people, especially including Lilian, who won’t be in the least surprised by what I am about to confess to, but if you are easily shocked you may find it helpful to be seated in a comfortable chair with some smelling salts to hand. You think I’m joking, don’t you? Well, I am actually being semi-serious. Read on and you will discover why…

Today I am going to reveal my button stash to you. Now, I have quite a lot of buttons – I say “quite a lot” because I know someone who bought several boxes of buttons from a charity shop amounting to something like 14,000 buttons. Yes, 14,000!

So, here goes:

Yellow, green, beige and plain wooden buttons

The first thing you will see is that almost all of my buttons have been sorted. I began by sorting into colours.

Black, grey and silver buttons

The next thing you will notice is that they have also been sorted by size. I promise that I am not one of those people who has everything organised to within an inch of its life – honestly! It was simply that, given the number of compartments in the storage boxes, it made sense to have each section for a particular type of button – and size seemed the most sensible.

White, brown, novelty, leather, vintage
and handmade buttons

Then, of course, there are those where there are insufficient to devote a whole compartment to them. Which other types to put them with? Oh, the dilemma! I can tell you, that particular question gave me more than a few headaches!

Various blues plus teal buttons

And we mustn’t forget the blues… My goodness, how do there get to be so many different shades of blue? Oh, is this one blue or teal?

Purple, pink, salmon and red buttons,
plus patterned wooden ones
and other odds

Our finale leads us to the purples, pinks, salmons and reds, with a short detour to the patterned wooden buttons and some other odds and ends.

There are a few more buttons which I haven’t shown you. That isn’t because I’m hiding them from you. It’s more that they are hiding themselves from me! I did a bit of reorganising in my craft room a while back and I can’t remember where I put them! Oops! 

I hope you have enjoyed this look at my button stash. Who knows, perhaps it helps you feel better about your own stash!


13 thoughts on “They Say That Confession Is Good For The Soul…

  1. My hero! I have a lot of buttons, but not this many. My big dilemma is all the different shades of white(!) and cream. I think saving buttons started in my childhood. My mother had a button box and it just seemed unthinkable to throw away perfectly good buttons.


  2. I also have a confession to make Dina. I love buttons too. As I child I loved playing with my Mum's button box. In my teens I loved running my fingers through boxes full of buttons in shops. I cant resist buying buttons. I ask my friends to buy them for my birthday. The funny thing is that one of my best friends has a brother who has a button phobia. She thinks we are like Marmite, love buttons, hate buttons! I also have difficulty actually using them in projects. What is is about buttons?


  3. Dina, that's a real stash you have got! Your collection is impressive! I like the way you sorted them out by colour and theme. I love buttons too and as Julie, I used to play with my Mum's button box. There is something special about buttons, they are like tiny charms. I like the idea of collecting buttons but I hardly use them in my sewing.


  4. Hehe… I thought I was the only one having this problem – I always feel sorry to use some of the pretty materials I have thinking the same – what if a better idea comes to my mind. 🙂


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