Watch Out For London Buses!

Phew! Posts on this blog are just like London buses, aren’t they? You wait ages for one and then three come along in quick succession!

Dresses for Syrian babies

In February, I posted about having knitted the two dresses in the photo above. I was sending them to Syria Relief for babies in Syria.

I found the pattern for the dresses on Marianna’s Lazy Daisy Days. It is a free download for use when knitting for charity. It is knitted from the top down and is quick and simple to make. Having said that, I did become confused about the sleeves when I looked through the pattern initially. However, it is much simpler just to knit and trust that Marianna knows what she is doing – she does!

Dresses numbers 3. and 4.

I really enjoy knitting this pattern as there seems to be a lot of result for surprisingly little effort. I finished the two in the picture above, last week and have just sewn on the two buttons that each needs. As you can see , I have been using odds and ends of balls to make them (I’m trying to clear them from my stash). I am not overly concerned about the depth of the stripes as I rather like them  when they vary in size.

Since finishing numbers 3 and 4, I have also completed number 5, although I have not yet sewn any buttons on. In addition, I have dress number 6 on my needles. I’m not sure how this one will turn out as I made a miscalculation of the amount of yarn I had. Also, I changed my mind about using one of the yarns I had chosen as it contains mohair and has a sparkly thread running through it. I think number 6 may be a little unusual in appearance!

Watch this space!


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