A Quick Flash

I thought yesterday was Friday 13th but it has seemed more like today was! 

I tried to type this post this morning but, for some reason, the page would not load. I also encountered problems when I was attempting to upload some photographs. Consequently I could not prepare this post until now (8.45pm) so I’m afraid, through necessity, this post will be just a quick flash of what I have been doing recently.

There isn’t even a photograph of my first two creative projects! My two grandsons put in a special request for soft, snuggly, bobbly scarves for each of them. They were playing with my soft, snuggly, bobbly scarf one day which was what prompted the request. This week the yarn arrived so I knitted a red one for my Treasure and a jade green one for my Precious.

Bunting decorating the bed

For my Sweetie Pie I made something for her bedroom in my son’s new house. She has always loved pink so I decided to make some pink bunting to drape along her new bed.

Bunting brightening the bedroom

As you can see, her bedroom is plainly decorated at the moment. However, I think the bunting adds brightness to the room.

Bunny, bear and bunting

I could have made the bunting slightly longer but I think if it had been it would irritate her head if it happened to brush it during the night.

Fabric and free machine embroidery

I have also been having fun making some cards using fabric and free machine embroidery. The card above is the one I gave to my son and his family wishing them happiness in their new home.

One fat heffalump

I am a member of a sewing group and we have all been making stuffed elephants. The one in the photograph is my effort – ‘effort’ being the operative word! It was not a pleasurable project to make.

Nellie the Patchwork Elephant

The design was in a recent Woman’s Weekly craft magazine. The instructions didn’t give any indication of the completed size. I think we were all surprised by how large it ended up!

Here’s lookin’ at you!

Not only that, but it just seemed to eat stuffing! I used more than a complete cushion pad of stuffing to fill Nellie! That’s an awful lot of stuffing – and an incredible amount of pushing and prodding to get it evenly distributed.

Never again!


10 thoughts on “A Quick Flash

  1. The bunting looks very sweet Dina, and the flower on the card is lovely and bright. The elephant looks great. I made a similar one years ago, and it took so much stuffing, but I think that I overdid it, the elephant was as hard as a rock. I'm sure Nellie will be loved!


  2. You have been very busy, Dina! Pink bunting is very pretty, I am sure Sweetie Pie loves having it around her bed. I am impressed with the elephant you made, Dina. He is very cute. I can just imagine how much staffing he ate. 🙂 What if you reduce the size of the pattern and make a teeny weeny one? It would look even cuter.


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