Well, What Do You Know?

It’s been a bit quiet here lately, hasn’t it? What do you think the reason might have been? Well, here’s a clue:

And, here’s another:

And here is your final clue:

Yes. I’ve been on holiday. Peter and I went on a tour of Turkey. Consequently there wasn’t  much crafting going on during the second half of March. In fact, despite the fact that we were doing a coach tour, up until I was finishing my packing on the day we were leaving, I wasn’t even going to take anything crafty with me! No, really! I had decided that I would go craft-less for the duration. However, once I had seen how much room was left in my suitcase at the end of the packing process, I thought I may as well take some knitting. Here are some of the things I brought back:

Shaggy hats for Syria Relief

Regular readers will have seen similar shaggy hats previously, but the stripey hats below are a variation on the scrappy yarn theme. I had found several small remainders of balls of yarn and decided that, rather than chop them down for shaggy hats or crochet multicolour squares, I would join them all together randomly and knit as a complete ball of yarn.

Hats for Syria Relief, knitted
with scraps and ends of balls

I am quite pleased with the result of that experiment so shall probably try that again, when I have another collection of part-balls.

Old Uzbek Suzani 

The hats are not the only things I brought back from Turkey. I treated myself to the Suzani in the above photo, which had been imported to Turkey from Uzbekistan. That photo doesn’t do it justice so let’s try this one:

Detail of old Uzbek Suzani

Hmm, that’s still not great. How about this:

Corner detail of Suzani

I think that’s probably the best reproduction I can get.

Peter and I were visiting an old tower in Istanbul when I noticed that there was a shop selling textiles. Well, it would have been rude not to visit, wouldn’t it? And, once you’re there, you have to buy, don’t you? When we saw this old Suzani from Uzbekistan we both really liked it so I decided to buy it. It cost far more than I would usually pay for a textile item but it is beautifully worked, silk on silk and I just didn’t want to resist – so I didn’t!

The final photograph I am going to show you is of a shop window I saw one afternoon, in Ankara, I think.

Singer sewing machines are
truly international!

No, I didn’t buy one of those!


8 thoughts on “Well, What Do You Know?

  1. Nice to see you back, Dina. The Suzani is amazing! I thought it was cotton but it's silk. How are you going to use it? As always, you are being very productive even while on holidays. Great, happy hats for little kids! Are you still planning to come to Australia this year?


  2. Thank you, Larisa. I am hoping to use it as a throw but I'm not sure that I want other people to touch it! And, yes, I am still planning a trip to Oz but health stuff has gotten in the way. At least the weather should be cooler by the time I arrive!


  3. Hehe… I am with you on that one, Dina, I would not want anyone to touch it. 🙂 I hope you feel much better and manage to take your trip to the very sunny side of the world this year. It's going to be much better with the winter approaching, even now it already feels cooler. It would be lovely to meet in person, Dina! 🙂


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