Hands, Knees and Swapsies

Regular readers of this blog will know that I have taken part in the Very Berry Handmade ATC swap several times. In case you are not aware, ATC stands for Artist’s Trading Card: generally they measure 3.5″ by 2.5″ and are usually made of paper or fabric. For the Very Berry Handmade swap the ATC must be made of fabric and include some stitching.

Having missed the Winter Sparkle swap because I was in my favourite place in the world I was pleased when Ali (the person behind Very Berry Handmade) announced that she was running the next swap with the theme “Home Sweet Home”.

There was quite some time between receiving details of to whom we should each send our ATC, and the actual date for posting so I wasn’t worried that I was going to be away on holiday [yes, again!] for some of that time. What I didn’t reckon on, though, was that I would return from holiday with a chest infection which, in turn, would provoke a prolonged flare of the Fibromyalgia that I suffer. Consequently, as the date for posting loomed I was struggling with making my card. This wasn’t helped by Ali requesting an update from all participants a week or so before posting day!

I was completely honest in my reply to Ali, telling her that I had been struggling but was pretty certain I would manage to finish my card: I desperately wanted to avoid her having to ask one of the swap ‘angels’ to provide an additional card.

On the Friday before posting day [Monday of this week!], I took a selection of stuff to begin making my card, to my craft group. I told them about the swap and that I was still trying to decide on a design. Then, behold, my own swap angel appeared! Lillian suggested using some of the places I had travelled to as the basis of my design. That idea sparked an idea in my head which I decided to run with.

The ATC I made for this swap

OK! Let’s get all the guffawing out of the way before I talk any more about it! 

Yes, I chose to use green thread and, yes, I still loathe the colour green!

The reason I chose green when stitching the outline was that it seemed the logical colour to depict land. I didn’t trace the outline, I drew it by carefully copying a tiny map that I found in the library where the craft group meets. I’m not particularly happy about how the Western Isles and west coast of Scotland turned out, but, all in all, I don’t think I did too badly.

The next stage was adding the text. Having done that, the card looked rather empty and unappealing. I was discussing it with Elizabeth on Sunday afternoon [yes, that’s right, the day before posting day] and decided that I would add a bead to show roughly where home is for me. I couldn’t add ‘home’ for the recipient as I remembered too late that she lives in Ireland!

I then decided to use a variegated blue embroidery thread to stitch the waves. Finally, I constructed the finished card by machine stitching in zigzag to hold the two pieces of fabric [front and back] and the card contained between them.

The reverse of the ATC, showing the
title: “Wherever I wander”

Finally I wrote the title of the card, my details and the details of the swap on the reverse of the ATC and posted it on Monday.

Although it was done almost at the last minute, I am pleased with the idea I came up with, thanks to Lilian’s initial suggestion. I am also pleased, by and large, with the way I put that idea into effect.

In case you were wondering, I haven’t received my ATC from this swap yet. I hope it comes soon as I am getting impatient!


4 thoughts on “Hands, Knees and Swapsies

  1. That's a great little ATC Dina, such a good idea, and I would definately recognise that as being the UK. I love meeting up with other crafters, they always have wonderful ideas and it's very inspirational sharing projects.


  2. I really like your ATC, Dina. It's a great interpretation of the theme. I am surprised that you used green thread but it goes really nice with the blue waves. It's always nice to be surrounded by crafty people you can share your work and ideas with.


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