Ever Wondered What To Do With A Few Bits Of Ribbon?

Have you ever wondered what you could use a few scraps of ribbon for? The odds and ends of ribbon that you keep from boxes of chocolates or that lovely basket of smellies that Aunt Agatha gave you three years ago? Well, I am here to give you an idea which will not only use some of your stash, but will also help babies in Syria.

Loops-a-Playsies for Syrian babies

Many, many Syrian children are among the refugees currently in countries like Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan but also amongst the internally displaced persons in Syria itself. Life is indescribably hard for ordinary Syrian citizens living within their own country. How much worse must it be for the children, so many of whom have only ever known the hardship and deprivation caused by the conflict which has been raging in their homeland for years?

If you have read any of my previous posts on this blog, you will probably know that much of what I make is for Syrian children. Usually, the items that I make and donate to Syria Relief are knitted or crocheted clothes for the children. I have also made stuffed toys such as these:

Teddies, rabbits, cats and dolls

This week, however, I have been making taggies Loops-a-Playsies for babies.

Taggies Loops-a-Playsies made from my stash

It is well known that babies need stimulation to help their development. I really cannot imagine what effect the conflict is having on those young lives but it occurred to me that making taggies Loops-a-Playsies for some of them would be simple and may help them a little. Furthermore, as the taggies Loops-a-Playsies are flat, they should be easily transportable to Syria when a shipment of aid is sent by Syria Relief.

More taggies Loops-a-Playsies 
for Syrian babies

These photos show the taggies Loops-a-Playsies I made yesterday, but my sewing machine is poised and ready to continue making them today!

At the moment the earthquake and aftershocks in Nepal are dominating the news, and rightly so, but please don’t forget the ongoing disaster that is happening to the Syrian people.

If you would like to make a donation to the Nepal Earthquake AppealCLICKING HERE will take you to the “Big Give”, where your donation may be doubled.

If you would like to make a donation to Syria ReliefCLICKING HERE will take you directly to their donation page. You even have a chance to choose how you would like your money spent!

Please don’t forget GIFT AID if you are a taxpayer. It makes your donation go that bit further.

** Since writing and first publishing this post I have been advised that “taggies” is a trademark. I did not know that and was under the impression that it was simply an informal name given to this type of baby toy. For that reason I have decided to call mine “Loops-a-Playsies”. My apologies to the owners of the aforementioned trademark.


10 thoughts on “Ever Wondered What To Do With A Few Bits Of Ribbon?

  1. Thank you, Irene. However, someone has just alterted me to a couple of issues about the things I have made so I am now waiting to hear if they are suitable for use by Syria Relief.


  2. Hi Dina,
    I've never seen the Loops-a-playsies before. That is a really good idea for using the ribbon, and it's great that they are going to children who have so very little. The teddies, rabbits, cats and dolls are really cute!


  3. Your “Loops-a-Playsies” ( I like the name) are on my To-Make list now, Dina. I am sure my Little One would love to play with something like this. I hope Syria Relief was able to accept all the toys you have made, they are going to bring so much joy to the little kids in need.


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