Crafting "Down-Under"

A Cute Little Chap at

The photo above is one that I took when I was in Sydney in 2013, but he’s so cute I didn’t think anyone would mind seeing him again!

I have been in Australia for a week and a half, having had to travel out at very short notice. When I booked the flights I asked if crochet hooks are allowed on their flights and was told that they are not. It was a bit frustrating that I couldn’t do something productive on the journey but I wasn’t too bothered about it. However, when we were waiting to go through security at Changi Airport in Singapore, I saw a woman who was travelling on the same flight and she was doing tapestry with a needle! I wonder why the rules are different for different people? Hmph.

During the time that we have been here in Adelaide, I have managed to do some crochet.

Jackets crocheted prior to this trip


I have been continuing to crochet the same design of baby/toddler jacket as shown above. (Apologies for using this photograph again but my iPad and Picasa refuse to play together nicely!) I have been making the hexagons in readiness for sewing up and then finishing off bands. I decided before travelling that I wouldn’t bother to bring a sewing up needle as the button bands might be awkward to do without having the buttons to hand.

Crocheted jacket with contrast bands

The hexagons I am making are from a huge ball of cream-coloured aran yarn. I brought a small amount of baby blue yarn to use as a small amount of contrast. I am on my fourth hexagon so at least I shall have two jackets to complete for children in Syria when I arrive home.

If you are interested in making items for children in Syria, there are several charities who will be grateful, including the charity that I take my donations to: Syria Relief .


2 thoughts on “Crafting "Down-Under"

  1. Hi Dina, It must be so frustrating to be travelling for so long and not be allowed a crochet hook. They used to make plastic ones – surely they would be allowed? I hope you are having time to relax in Australia x


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