Time To Start Catching Up

Handmade leather book with organza bag

Handmade leather book with organza bag

Late last year there was a giveaway posted on Facebook by Tracy Leal Book Arts. Of course, I had to enter as I’m a sucker for giveaways: and I won!

I should have posted about my win when I received the parcel from Tracy. However, ill health and an amazing holiday happened and, unforgivably, blogging about the win went completely out of my mind.

My giveaway prize

My giveaway prize

Tracy had kindly asked me what colours I liked and, also, what item I would like as the fob (apologies if that’s the wrong word!) on the end of the string closure. As you can see, I chose navy blue and a key. She also intimated that there would be an extra little something in the parcel. Look what it is!

A dinky little extra

A dinky little extra

It is a delightful teeny book: it only measures about 1cm square! And, it’s a proper book, just like the larger, navy blue one!

Look! It opens!

Look! It opens!

I say ‘larger’, but the navy book still isn’t very big. You can see from how it is placed by Tracy’s business card, just how wee it is. 🙂

My apologies to Tracy Leal for not having blogged about my lovely little books earlier but, I think you’ll agree, they make a good first crafty post on here.


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