A Bit Of A Production Line

Skirt to fit a baby

Skirt to fit a baby

A few days ago I showed you this skirt that I had made for a child in Syria, using a duvet cover. I have now used the whole of the lighter blue fabric from the duvet cover. I am thrilled to have made 11, (yes eleven!) skirts of varying sizes from just that one piece of fabric. Isn’t it amazing? I had no idea that I would be able to make as many as that. Not only that, but I still have the darker blue fabric from the cover. I intend to use that to make shorts for boys in Syria. In fact, I have been trawling the internet today, looking for free patterns for shorts.

A self-improving bunny!

A self-improving bunny!

Prior to my post about the skirts, I posted about the bunnies I was crocheting. I had a quick count-up of the bunnies when I checked how many skirts I had made. The skirts and the bunnies are living in our box room at the moment and it’s rather full in there, so when I make a foray into its depths, I try to make good use of the time spent amongst the gazillion bags and boxes.

Breeding like rabbits!

Breeding like rabbits!

I was surprised to find that I have made 21 of these rabbits and two of another design. As with the skirts, I have tried to ensure that each is different from the others. I just don’t like the idea of making carbon copies when things I make go to charity – ultimately, the items are going to be given to individuals, so it’s only right that what they receive should be individual, as well. I think this is especially true when they are being hand made, one at a time.

As well as helping Syria Relief to help children in Syria, I am hoping that the production lines that I have set up will make a discernible difference to my fabric stash, if not my yarn stash. It’s unlikely that my yarn stash will look much smaller because as quickly as I crochet a bunny, my friend Elizabeth gives me more yarn to make them – so it’s her stash that is getting smaller, instead of mine!


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