The Trouble With Boys Is…

Two pairs of shorts

Two pairs of shorts

As mentioned in my last post, I spent some time on the internet looking for a free pattern for boys’ shorts. I have used a pattern previously but, for some reason, I cannot find any trace of it in my craft room. Hence my search on the internet

Luckily I found a pattern I liked here, at Caila Made. I am so thankful for the wonderful resource centre known as “the internet”: with a few, well-chosen search words there is so much available to use. I am also grateful to the people who take the time and trouble to publish their patterns online, for all of us to use.

I printed out the pattern and the instructions for making the shorts. In fact, I printed the pattern, in two different sizes, onto card printing the smallest size (18 months) on one side of the card, and the largest size (3T) onto the reverse. Before doing anything else I marked both sides of the card with the size, so that I wouldn’t become confused when using the pattern pieces. I traced the 3T size pattern onto paper and cut them out. Next, I cut out my fabric pieces which I labelled “F” and “B” – front and back – so that I didn’t get them mixed up.

The shorts were quick to make. Firstly I did a mock overcast stitch on all edges of each of the fabric cutouts. Next, I stitched the two front pieces together and also the back pieces. I pressed the seams open and flat as I think that should make them more comfortable to wear. At this point, I attached a large pocket to the front section – after all, as Peter told me, boys need big pockets to put worms and snails and sticks in! Next the leg seams were sewn together and the seam pressed open and flat, followed by stitching the side seams and pressing them. The most fiddly part was folding over the waistband, stitching it, and inserting the elastic. After that, sewing the hems was a breeze.

I am quite disappointed as I have only managed to make three pairs of shorts from the dark blue fabric of the duvet cover. That’s the trouble with boys: their shorts take far more fabric than a skirt for a girl of the same age! I think there is enough of the fabric left to make one more skirt.

As with the skirts, I have made each pair of shorts different from the next. Each pair has a different pocket attached.

Third pair of shorts (with apologies for the poor picture quality)

Third pair of shorts
(with apologies for the poor picture quality)


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