Romping Around All Over The Place

From sheep to needles

From sheep to needles

When we go on holiday I, almost always, take some sort of craft to do. This is especially true if we’re going to be travelling by coach. It just seems to be such a waste of time to be sitting on a coach and not doing anything. However, it is only possible because I wear wristbands to prevent travel sickness.

Travel bands

Travel bands

The way travel bands work is by exerting a little pressure on a key point in each wrist, using the principles of Acupressure. They don’t work for everyone but, for me, they work like magic! Without them I feel nauseous on a coach within about 50 yards of it moving off. So, armed with my travel bands, I am able to knit, sew, crochet, read, or whatever I choose.

On our recent trip to Yorkshire I decided to take knitting with me: I wanted to try a pattern for a romper suit that I saw on Marianna’s Lazy Daisy Days.

Two tiny rompers

Two tiny rompers

The Little Kinzie Premature Romper is knitted from the top down, as are many of Marianna’s patterns. It is quick and easy to knit in a double knitting yarn. Many of Marianna’s patterns are free. She is happy for them to be used personally and for charity donations, and she will even allow you to sell items that are made using her patterns – just don’t sell the patterns.

Usually, I would knit baby clothes in light colours. However, these rompers are destined for babies in Syria and, while water is in such short supply, Syria Relief prefer items to be made in darker colours. The green and blue yarns were given to me by Peter’s mother, Beryl, for me to make items for charity, and the buttons all came from my stash. All in all, a no-cost project for a very worthy cause. My kind of crafting!



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