It Could Be That I’m Getting Old…

Chevron Stitch

Chevron Stitch

I wonder if I’m getting old? (If my younger son is reading this, he is not allowed to comment!) I might be getting old. There are certainly signs that some people might construe as proof of advancing years. I’m talking, of course, of the slowing down of my stitching recently.

Last night I finished stitching my sampler of this week’s stitch in the TAST challenge. TAST stands for Take A Stitch Tuesday which is an embroidery challenge run by Sharon Boggon of Pin Tangle. Our challenge for this past week was Chevron Stitch.

Chevron Stitch

Chevron Stitch

I cannot remember having ever heard of chevron stitch before last week, let alone tried stitching it. I have to say that it didn’t come easily to me. I admit that part of the reason for my difficulty was probably that I began stitching diagonally across the grain of the fabric which, of course, made it really hard to keep the stitches even. That’s why my samples are worked at two different angles! I was a bit daft there, wasn’t I?

The embroidery threads I used

The embroidery threads I used

As well as having been a bit daft, I must also admit to being a bit lazy as well. You will see that the threads I used for this sample are the same as those I used on my ATC although in my defence, when I began stitching I was still in Kent and those were the only threads I had taken with me. However, once I was back home, I couldn’t be bothered to go upstairs and choose some more! Tut tut!

I know I have only been participating in the TAST challenge for a couple of weeks, but I am enjoying being part of it. I have been wanting to do more hand embroidery for some time now and TAST is giving me an ideal opportunity to learn and practise stitches new to me, and old.


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